Wonder Woman 1984 is Anti-Trump

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    Just in time for an election, Hollywood releases a movie where the villain was inspired by President Trump.  It amazes me how much hate there is for one man.  A man who has done more real good things for the American people than the last 4 Presidents combined.

    It makes you wonder what agenda Trump is stopping.  The agenda cannot be good at all if they are doing all this.  We have a lot to worry about in this country.




    Yes Niko, Ryder beat you to it, there’s already a WW84 thread that covers this and more

    Wonder Woman 1984 – The Main Enemy is Capitalism


    America has lost its mind.  America is nothing but Rome before the fall.  The agenda against America must be so bad that they are fixated on getting this one man out of power.

    I give America another 30 years and it is done with.


    Cool.  I will have to read it and the article.


    I won’t watch this anymore.


    I hate how the left has to “politicize” everything to the marxist propaganda.


    Personally, I hope the film does great, and this BS is just them trying to score SJW/brownie points as it was never part of the film to begin with.


    Just like The Matrix.  I don’t think it was ever a story about Neo being female in one world, male in the other.

    That is them just wanting people talking about their film(s) and scoring SJW/brownie points.


    This maybe a bit of a hot take from some or perhaps in this case for whatever reason, “all”, but as a trump supporter, I’ll still go see this movie. I know what you maybe thinking, “but this movie will be woke! It’s anti trump! Ya dada da!” Well so as other media that inspired by him in the past way before he becomes president? Do I give a shit? No! I wanna see this movie for two reasons, One: The setting and Wonder Woman’s journey past WW1 and two: So we can beat that crappy Craptain Marvel movie at the box office. Hell, I wanted this movie to make a billion dollars. And now all of a sudden, just because of one fucking trump villain, you guys will assume that it will woke and all of that stuff. Well guess what? I hate to break your hearts and wallets but isn’t Wonder Woman’s history tied with Politics? If it tied with it and or perhaps give it a very significant meaning, then why did you do not wanted politics? And I know that there are ways you could tone it down a bit, into which according to the director she doesn’t wanted the movie to be that political. Getting rid of that aspect of the character would make it even more boring and you will be setting up for failure of your own wallet. Now that doesn’t mean I’ll force ya to see the movie. You can do whatever you wanted with your money. But that also means that you will be giving more power to Brie Larson with her highest grossing female lead superhero movie of all time rather then earning Wonder Woman that billion dollar title that she deserves. I mean hey, I’m the type of person that hated Hollywood to death and the TDS people. But that doesn’t mean I will not go see the movie just because it shows an anti trump message. To me, that’s a left message and I have to Cooley deal with it. A anti trump message doesn’t really mean that it will be woke and shit. To me, I only see it as an anti this with the right substance. I don’t agree with it, but that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t see it. If I can deal with an episode of My Life as a Teenage Robot that features a parody of trump from 2006, then I can deal with Maxwell being a trump like figure. Besides, isn’t maxwell originally was suppose to be a businessman in the comics? If he is, then who cares? I just seen him as a bad business man. Every character can have those trates. So I don’t see why that all of a sudden, all anti trump messages are woke. Maybe most. But I don’t think all of them are. And as a trump supporter and a fan of Wonder Woman, I will hereby take my responsibility to see the movie. Hell, I’m gonna have a fun fucking time seeing Gal’s performance and the story! 😎 #IStandWithWonderWoman84


    Like what Gal Gadot said, Wonder Woman is for everyone :)

    Also, the new trailer just came out :D


    She looks like a Knight of the Zodiac in the second one lol:


    or a golden golem:

    golden golem


    Well, you gave Wonder Woman some good ideas for what to dress up as for halloween 😂


    Looks like I’m not going to watch WW1984 nor upcoming DCEU as well as make the Snyder Cut, Project Power, and the next seasons of his Dark Materials the last Mainstream Western Entertainment that I’ll ever consume in my life. Although I’m not a Trump Supporter nor a Trump Hater as well as an Ex-Trump Hater, but still the annoyance will continue. Don’t try to get me back to Western Entertainment.

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    Me, I am a DVD collector.

    I have not seen a film in the theaters since LotR.

    Heck, I still have not purchased SW.ep9, Captain Mary-sue marvel.


    I will wait for the DVD release.


    With the recent trailer, I found something nicely ironic.


    We had a big cat (cheetah) fighting a big bird (wonder woman).

    Cat vs bird.


    Before that, the scene reveal in the teaser (where only see wonder woman in the golden armour), we did not get to see who she was going against.

    Is the reason because of something unique with the cheetah, and her fighting style/abilities?



    The release date for “Wonder Woman 1984” has been pushed back two months. It is now slated for a premiere in theaters on Christmas day. This is the third time it’s been delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic.


    I really dislike Brie Larson. She’s trash and a horrible person. But DCEU has nothing on the MCU, and WW1984 will not come anywhere near a billion dollars and Captain Marvel at the box office. WW1 did 820M while being required reading for the upcoming Justice League. WW1984 is coming off the horrible box office FLOP called Birds of Prey, in addition to the pandemic situation. WW1984 will cap out at 500M worldwide. And that is an optimistic estimate.

    Your best bet would be to put your money on Black Widow. It’s not a woke project and will either way destroy WW at the box office. Hoping it will beat Captain Marvel, but i still find it unlikely due to the virus still affecting the theatres.

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