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      Well, i was planning on watching this at the cinema while feasting on burgers and chicken nuggets from McDonalds, but some dumb-ass human on top decided to shut down cinemas for another 3 months…

      kitty claws

      On the bright side, at home i got to watch WW84 with my cats while eating ice-cream in winter

      So, here’s a little spoiler free review on Wonder Woman 1984:

      I really enjoyed the movie, i will say it was a little jumpy here and there, but over all it was a good movie that kept my attention for 2 1/2 hours, and i have a really short attention span 👍 It had it’s funny moments, and it had it’s emotional moments, and it had it’s few light SJW moments sprinkled here and there, but nothing that got in the way of the story, in fact, the stuff that SJWs would typicly complain about far outways the stuff that’s suppost to pander to them, imo, i’ve been avoiding all spoilers so i don’t know what everyone’s reaction to WW84 was yet. The battle between Wonder Woman and Cheetah was great! This movie even surprised me a little, in a good way, from the situations Wonder Woman finds herself in, too the way Steve Trevor comes back, i really wasn’t expecting to see these *SPOILER*, if you’ve seen the movie you should be able to fill the gap 😁 Also, i share Steve’s sense of style 😂

      Anyway, these are my thoughts, i don’t think it was better or worse than the first Wonder Woman, it was different, and i like it that way, one of my cats loved the movie, i think she’s gonna dress up as Wonder Cat for halloween, or will she choose to be Cheetah??

      If anyone else here on G+G has seen WW84, please share your thoughts here, and cinemas better f***ing open when Black Widow comes out!  ^﹏^


        I absolutely loved it, personally.

        It was very similar to the 70s and 80s superhero movies, especially Superman and Superman 2.

        I can’t wait for WW3.



          Glad you liked it 😸 I can’t wait for WW3 too


          im happy you liked it, and sorry you couldnt watch it in the theater, i loved the first wonder woman film, this one i thought was ok it just felt very very long to me and there were alot of unnecessary scenes. most of wonder womans fights were cool, i will give WW84 major credit for the story being very unique, ive never seen this type of story being done this way, the fight with cheetah wasnt great, just because it felt like they had trouble choreographing the 2, especially with the golden suit that has the wings, it looks cool but it serves no combat purpose the wings just get in the way and limit her movement, but to be fair im a huge critic when it comes to fight scenes. this movie was interesting and does deserve a rewatch cuz i kinda have mixed feelings at the moment, i cant really call it good or bad


            Yeah, the final battle with Cheetah looked really hard to choreograph





            If you enjoyed it, good on ya! My opinion, I wished I never waisted my time watching it… Get it?!?! lol. Critical Drinkers thoughts on it pretty much aligned with how I felt while watching it, so cheers! (spoilers)  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PeieblTIw7A



          Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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