Would you Watch a Luke Skywalker Series if it Fixes what Rian Johnson did to him

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    Mikey Sutton is Reporting that Luke Skywalker may be Getting a Series on Disney+. It is said it will be about his Jedi Academy. Also Luke being in a lot of scenes in Episode Six is said to be A test for the Deep fake Tech used to make Mark Hammel young. If they do the show with the Tech, would you watch if they Fix the Destruction of the Character Rian Johnson did?


    I will never watch another Disney Star Wars show…ever.

    But I do have a title for the series if they choose the move forward:

    Disney +’s Luke Skywalker: the Cuckening.


    I know this likely isn’t going to happen, at least soon, but Disney has been poison to Star Wars, so it seems best to just give up on Star Wars until it’s no longer under Disney.

    Well, Disney nowadays is poison to many things, even the whole of society, so I could just a well say that we should give up on all things Disney so long as they are as they currently are. If big and real changes are made, then return and see if the changes are real; if not, let the whole thing crash and burn.


    How many more stories are left to tell with the character? Star Wars might have ten flops for every one good project. It’s a massive undertaking. Agree with OP about Deep Fake. The Deep Fake is cutting edge. That is where they are pushing the envelope. You would think they would have some kind of analytics and testing of responses that move the needle. At the end of Mandolorian, maybe there was enough demand to bring Luke back? The things they are doing with the Deep Fake are very innovative, using the latest tech and tools, which is what they should be doing, but I think they should try to tell other stories with compelling characters and just maybe have cameos. I like to see other actors get opportunities.

    At this point, I almost prefer fan films.


      Not interested in watching Star Wars content from Disney after watching The Rise of Skywalker.

      Besides, I don’t see the point in a tv series for Luke by this point. No matter what Luke does in whatever Disney+ series he’s in, the story will still lead up to the Sequel Trilogy. He still will try to kill his nephew on the basis of mere visions, even after he tried to redeem his father after doing much worse. Then he still abandons whatever he didn’t lose.

      Hypothetically, a TV series focusing on Luke could mitigate the issues surrounding the nephew killing motive at the very least. It could be by providing MUCH more context as to how he could have changed as a person over the years that might contribute to being more open to such a decision. Of course, you’d need competent talent for that, which Lucasfilm has shown to not possess.

      Oh, and as MauLer pointed out in his TROS review, there’s also the retcon issues of Luke apparantly having clues or at least knowledge of clues to Exogol and Palpatine’s existence. He could have let the Resistance/New Republic army at the time know to help, yet he didn’t bother for whatever reason to share with anyone except Lando for some of it.

      Basically, as long as the Sequel Trilogy exists, the damage will remain done to Luke’s character, and a TV series would just come off a bandaid fix at best. Sure, it may seem nice to see at first, but once you remember it’d take place before the Sequel Trilogy, well…good luck trying not to feel soured on it at some point later.

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        I have no interest in watching Disney Star Wars after seeing TROS.

        Besides, I don’t see much point in a Luke TV series, seeing how everything will still lead to TLJ. Luke will still attempt to kill his nephew over a mere vision, even after he tried to save his father despite doing much worse, and he ends abandoning whatever he didn’t lose. Hypothetically, a TV series might be able mitigate that issue by providing MUCH more context with character development to show how such a change of mindset came to be. Of course, that requires competent writing that Lucasfilm has repeatedly shown to lack.

        Oh, and there are other issues that MauLer point out in his TROS review that make Luke even worse. Those being tied to Luke having clues and knowledge of said clues about Palpatine and Exogol. For whatever reason, he didn’t bother to share with anyone aside from Lando, which could have helped them act sooner, so he look dumber now.

        Long story short, a Luke TV show might be fun to watch on a first watch, but if you remember what becomes of him, well… best of luck if you can avoid growing soured by it at some point later.


        Don’t get me wrong, I agree with you Disney has not been very good To Star Wars, and the Fact they let Jar Jar Abrham’s and Ruin Johnson Destroy the big 3 (Luke, Leia, and Han) it pissed me off. But at the same time Disney will not let go of Star Wars, We can hope all we want that Lucas can scrounge up Some Money to buy his Children, and Pet Wookie back. But it ain’t happening. Jon Faveau is at least trying Save Star Wars with Mando, and Stuff, and of course that leads to the Gina Carano stuff. But I cannot just watch Fan Films to get my Star Wars fix. I Would join you in Boycotts but even I know boycotts don’t work unless you can get woke fans to Join you. All I have is hope that if A Luke Skywalker Series is done They make you Forget the Sequel Trilogy, or have some way in the show too Perverbally Flip off JJ Abhams and Rian Johnson, and bring back the Luke Skywalker we all love.




        Disney Star Wars is fiery shit.

        They can NEVER do anything to fix what they’ve concocted.

        Throw it all out and go back to what worked for 30 YEARS!

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        Yes…YES!!!!!! YES!!!!!

        Please yes, make a Luke Skywalker series for Disney Plus with the tech they used in the most recent episode of The Book of Boba Fett that featured him. That was amazing how they got Luke to look like Mark Hamil did 40 years ago and it didn’t even look CGI one bit and also they had some A.I. software to de-age his voice also so that Luke not only looked younger but he also sounded younger too.

        Now I want them to do this with Han, Leia and Lando, keep the wokeness out completely, borrow a crap ton from Legends and do a whole new Star Wars Sequel Trilogy like the way the Cobra Kai people continued the legacy of the Karate Kid movies in Cobra Kai and we have a good Luke Skywalker series and I want them to have an actual red headed Mara Jade in the series too played by Karen Gillian who is the most logical actress for the part or any naturally red headed actress with a hot bod to be Mara.


          Heir to the Empire, ohhhhhh so good….
          But if Disney is touching it under KK and Story Group HELL TO THE NA.


          There are far better fan-made star wars on Youtube than Disney can ever do currently….. You want to have Star Wars under Disney, there needs to be a lot of Firings first.

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