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      Y’all are letting me down.  I thought this would have been all over the place.  I was hoping so, so that I could get more info on it.  All I know is they ended it on some agreement that gave them more cash.  The takeaway I heard was that some folks will get paid more but most get squat and don’t have a writing job now.  So it sounds like to me the $15 minimum wage thing.  So yes, the min is now $15 an hour but now everyone is part time type of thing.  Do I have that right?


      There was a strike ! ? !

      Did we miss anything?  nope!

      ClownFishTV and Mr.H.Reviews and YellowFlash (IIRC) all did great job breaking down the tentative contract.

      I was hoping all those woke hacks were finally fired, or after the reviews on the contract, the showrunner and producer could be consider a “writer”, taking up two writer’s slots.  And depending on how many “episodes”, determines how many “writers” are required.

      So in theory, the studios can use LESS writers by making shorter seasons, and making more seasons.


        “So in theory, the studios can use LESS writers by making shorter seasons, and making more seasons.”

        Exactly.  So it’s the $15 minimum wage again where everyone loses their full time job.  But they get $15 an hour.

        No different than Trudeau “punishing” grocery stores with a tax.

        It’s all meant to hurt people in the name of helping them.


        Disappointed in us for not stating the obvious? Lmao

        Let’s be honest, the writers/actors striking did 2 things: Jack and Shit, And Jack left town.

        Whether it’s the video games or movies, I’m not affected in any way shape or form.

        Firstly, most of my games are Japanese based, the worse thing for the strike to stop would be bad localization and only have subtitles games which would only make me happier.

        Let’s be real, if the US localizers were all picketing until 2033, I would be happier than a pig in shit. Because what are they bringing to the table? Nothing! What are they going to get out of going on strike? Absolutely NOTHING.

        At the end of the day The WGA won’t affect us because we can simply tune their BS out. There’s hundreds of books, old media, other stuff we can enjoy without them.

        I mean right now this us just reveling in their bad deals 😂. They’re losing money and throwing hissy fits over AI which is going to replace them either way at some point. Low effort agenda pushing nonsense means absolutely nothing at the end of the day because it’s either going to be better or just as unwatchable in the end and all the butthurt writers and actors can pound sand. We win at the end of the day.

        Get woke go broke is going to be the recurring trend until the media realizes it’s not going to work on us.


          “Disappointed in us for not stating the obvious? Lmao”

          No, clearly I can see everyone talking about it.  I was more interested in the actual after effects.

          But it seems to be as I thought.  Maybe won a battle but lost a war.  I am not so sure it was not intentional so they could clean house.

          For example, the auto workers strike seems foolish to me (although I admit I do not know all the details) because it will give the companies more of a reason to send more manufacturing out of the country.  Ask Detroit how that worked out.  But the reality is making it easy and super profitable to use foreign slave labor is the root cause.


          Well in this scenario the only outsourcing will be done with AI or foreign entertainment will overtake the country in which case the current actors and writers will lose our. Sure there are union workers that will lose out too, but those se workers can literally find new jobs and move out of commie-fornia.

          Change is scary, but I wouldn’t compare this to the auto strike, there was already probably going to be outsourcing  either way in that situation.

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