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    I love writing. I studied literary creation at Mexico’s writers’ guild, Sogem.


    My professional advice is to not do this in public forums. Sadly, ideas are all we have as writers.


    First drafts be like…if it bleeds we can kill it




      Damn, going old school.


      It’s the only way to really learn, in my opinion.


      I am halfway through writing a crime thriller novel that I am hoping to get published when I finish. I’ve been looking to find a good writing and book community, I’m glad others are interested in those things here.


      You know, I was never really that interested in crime/mystery novels all that much, one day in a thrift store I found a hard cover book containing three Phillip Marlow stories, the first being The Lady in the Lake. I figured what the heck and bought it on a lark, I started reading and couldn’t put it down, It was awesome. Same thing with the first Matt Helm book.


      I was the same way.  There were genres I thought I absolutely disliked, but it turned out I was picking up the wrong books. Sometimes it is just about finding an author you enjoy.


        I think there’s something about mysteries that really appeal to a wide variety of tastes.


        What writing sites, critique sites, or writing communities do all of you use? Have you found some better than others?


        I started out making comics initially, but then decided to stop and move on to writing.

        Writing is easier for me than drawing comics, although friends suggested I make a graphic novel in order to combine the worlds of Words and Pictures.

        Here is my comic series which all of you can read for free: https://www.webtoons.com/en/challenge/legend-of-curse-killer-other-unknown-fables/list?title_no=361766


        Meanwhile, I’m now writing the first draft of my novel’s Chapter I.

        Novel deals with themes of life, death, undeath and enlightenment. Here’s a preview of my novel’s main antihero character:


        I’ll keep y’all updated with my stories and when they’ll be ready. Need time to bring them to life.

        Writing stories is also a way for me to challenge the Narrative of the SJWs and vent out my frustration on them for abusing stories or characters we love.

        In essence, writing is my way to give the Middle Finger up the woke media’s bollocks whilst bringing back good ol’ fashioned storytelling.

        I get burned out sometimes but after finding out how many of you like to read, I feel extra motivated now. I may need all of your help in the future when SJWs try to censor my works.


        Unless Geeksandgamers launches a writing hub for us, the only ones I can think of right now is Wattpad.

        Currently writing my first chapter there. Wattpad has been user-friendly so far. Still putting the site to the test, though.


        can I post my writing here, in the forum?


        There are no rules saying you cannot, but I would consider all the pros and cons of doing so. First, there is no dedicated Writing section in these forums. I believe some members use their blogs as a platform, so that is an option for you.

        Second, if you are posting your original IPs, consider the fact that you risk your ideas being stolen. I do not think, and I hope, that there are no literary thieves here, but you never know if unregistered passers by might steal something. SJWs are talentless hacks, and we know they are lurking watching these forums. They are not beyond stealing.

        Third, if you get to know people here and find you have confidence in their integrity, you could probably recruit pre-readers to help you in whatever fashion you need.


        Personally, I will not be posting my original IPs here, though I will likely in the future discuss and promote them, via these forums and a YT channel, should my next attempts at finding an agent fail. As talked about above, I believe that a legitimate path forward for new authors being Gate Kept from the industry lies in like minded people that appear to be gathering here to use the Comicsgate model of promotion and self publishing via Indie Go Go to get our work out there.


        well, it’s already done, I’m just fixing the grammar and spelling and wording and etcetera. and it’ll be up on Amazon again.

        some other people already know about it on other platform like Wapat, Webnovel, Tapas. (a first draft version you may say)

        I hope someone here would gave me some English grammar technical feedback.

        And I’ll be honest upfront, if somehow I could lure someone here into my fantasy world (preferably Jeremy, because he have a sizeable Youtube channel), i hope they would help me spread the word.

        sorry I’m desperate right now

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