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      @JK61 If you are thinking about self-publishing as an Ebook, have you looked into Kobo? I heard they have a better rate.

      Thanks! I forgot about them!


      Welcome! I try to buy through them as I’ve done a little research and what I have found seems to point to them paying their workers better and having better contracts and control for the authors.


      I’m only good at starting a story. I get a few lines to a few pages in and get writers block. Then I’ll come up with something while I’m away from the computer, and forget it by the time I get back to it. That’s the curse of working where I do. I can’t always drop everything to write it down or pull out my phone to take a note.


      So… you’re great at making writing prompts? :D I have a ton of half written ideas I have to go through and digitalize so I can start sifting through them.

      Have you ever challenged yourself to make a complete story scene in just 1k or 5k words?


      As I mention in my profile, I am a published author. My short story Shijak was published in the anthology novel A Kinder Greener Vampire by martin Schiller. I also do a lot of writing on the free speech platform Minds and have  aSubscribestar account.

      On Minds I have a whole bunch of flash fics up. I also have five story arcs (So far) up of a fantasy serial I’m working on. It’s called The Willowsbrook Chronicles. Here’s the premise of it:

      All Gunther Willowsbrook wanted was a nice quiet Inn. One where he and his friends could make money and live their lives in peace. Unfortunately, the world of Lavokia needs a new hero. All poor Gunther wants is some peace and quiet.

      As I said the first five story arcs are free. The rest will be available as part of a benefit call “The Commons” for Local Patrons or higher. Check out my Minds and Susbcribestar pages for details.

      I’m also in the middle of beginning work on a serial I intend to put up on my Minds and Susbcribestar channels as part of another benefit called The Noble’s Club. Yes, i have a lot of work wheich i hope to make money from.  But I also have a lot of free stuff to lok at. Why? Because I recognize the value of free samples.

      If anyone wants to check out my work you can look for it on Minds, Gab, MeWe, and Subscribestar. I’ve left links in my profile. Thanks for reading and have a lovely day.


      Oooh, what a branch I found. You describe me so clearly. I love to write even though few people know about it. I’ve always noticed that I have an aptitude for the humanities and I loved it. I often wrote fairy tales for my sister when she was little and I can safely say that she grew up on my fairy tales. You have no idea how nice it was. But there were difficulties with it, because math subjects had to be passed, too. I mostly turned to Ohhaskme when I needed to solve something as I didn’t want to waste time on it. I wanted to devote more time to writing.

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      I’m gonna jump in here as well.  I’ve got an epic adventure fantasy book going through an editor and hopefully to drop this year, with many more ready to be written after that.  Been writing since 1993 as a hobby, then as an aspiring novelist. I’ve written four novels, all garbage, before I finally got the hang of writing in novel length.


      Hello all it’s been a while. I’ve been busy with my writing, but I have an announcement. I have a new Library up. I decided that I wanted to make my Minds site a little easier. So, I came up with a Library which contains links to the beginning of my serial story arcs, my short stories, my commentaries, and my movie reviews. I’m still in the process of getting everything in there so don’t mind the mess. Please feel free to look at it when you have a chance.

      The Animeman73 Library

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