wwe censoring old matches

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    im a big wwe fan, i stopped watching back in 2013, and since then i only check it out if some big wrestler returns. other than that i sometimes watch my favorite matches on youtube whenever i feel like seeing wrestling, but recently ive came back to watch some old matches only to find that the wwe yt channel has censored them all, it doesn’t make sense to me because the pg era started in like 2009 and they continued to do chair shots to the head until it was finally banned in later, which is reasonable, because of the health issues it caused for many wrestlers, but why censor them now? it was done during the pg era so i know its within pg rating guidelines, it just makes no sense to censor stuff that already happened for no reason, and its not just chair shots, its any weapon attack to the head no matter how clearly safe the stunt is they censor it, even randy ortons punt, i figured this might just be a youtube thing for them to stay monetized, but im not sure and i dont wanna pay for WWE network to find out that its also censored, so im here to ask you guys whats up

    if wwe network is also censor im just gonna have to start a dvd collection


    I cant speak to the specific examples you made but WWE Network does censor stuff. It also changes theme music for various people and has “cheering” or “booing” audio in places it didnt actually occur when it originally aired.


    They are just joining the other streaming platforms in censoring the past.

    As others have been saying, buy physical media.



    Start your collection if you didn’t already.

    They’ve taken off the “worst offenders”, but they’ll work their way through the rest of the library. Say goodbye to most of the era that got them on the map and helped “win the war”. They’ll be cutting/bleeping smack-talk within promos soon, people’s feelings and all that.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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