Xbox Series S = $299 and Xbox Series X = $499. Thoughts?

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    I’ve gotta say, I’m actually kind of blown away by the affordability here.  My guess was the Series S would be $399 and the Series X would be $599.  The Series S basically feels like a beefed up One S that’s digital only, so $299 is honestly a great price if you’re cool without a disc drive.  And the Series X seems like a beast of a console, and $499 seems like the perfect price.

    What are your thoughts?  Getting either of them at launch?  I won’t be going to next gen quite yet, but I plan on picking up a Series X in the future.


    I actually like what Xbox is doing here, it’s been years since I’ve been impressed with them besides game pass. I am tempted by the $299 console but the disc could be an issue if you want to play an older Xbox game you only have a physical version of. I might get the Series X when halo infinite comes out.




    I don’t imagine I’ll ever buy any X Box since you can pretty much play every X Box exlusive game on Windows and I’ve always bought a PlayStation until now. I’ll probably wait some time before I buy this upcoming PS5 maybe around the time GTA VI comes out then I’ll buy a PS5.


    I would have gotten the Series S if it had a disc drive, though I imagine not having it is why it’s $299. Definitely getting the Series X at some point so I can play some of my Xbox and Xbox 360 games. I never got a Xbox One, but Microsoft has been impressing me lately, so I’m going with them first for next gen. I’m sure I’ll eventually get a Ps5, but I need a HD console that I can play my 360 games on. My 360 is the old white model that doesn’t have HDMI, so I need something. And I have Xbox Game Pass for my PC, so I’ll be able to use it on Xbox too that way I’ll have games to play right out the gate when I get the console.

    I’m considering doing the monthly payment with the all access pass. Great idea for a console, to be honest.


    The good news on the backwards compatibility is that any Xbox and Xbox 360 games that are playable on current systems are available digitally.  You will unfortunately have to buy them again on a Series S, but at least they’re still there.


    With that said, I do like my discs, so I’ll be going with a Series X.


    I currently have a One S, and thanks to Game Pass it has become my most-played console recently.  Microsoft is definitely offering the best value in gaming right now.


    Hard times humble companies. Happened to Nintendo, and now it’s happening to Microsoft. They know they’re dead last among the big three. Crazy how things change in just a few years. The Nintendo Switch, a console that came out three years after the Xbox One, has 20 million more units sold than the Xbox One. I do love Xbox, because I had the original Xbox and I had a 360, but they made some bone headed decisions when the One came out. Thank GOODNESS Don Mattrick is gone. That guy nearly sunk the company single-handedly.


    Their E3 2013 presentation was the definition of a nightmare.  Easily Microsoft’s worst ever.  It was the equivalent of Nintendo’s E3 2008 (where the biggest announcement was…. Wii Music) and Sony’s E3 2006 (announcement of the PS3 launching at 600 freaking dollars).  Each company definitely has had their humble pie moments.


    I’m going to get an xbox series s, its cheaper and i can save up for other things in my set up.
    Plus i want to make games for this console so yeah lol.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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