Xbox Series S leaked, $299. Series X $499

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    Well it looks like the information is starting to leak out after the Series S leaked earlier today. Now Windows Central is reporting the Series S will be $299 and the Series X will be 499 and both releasing Nov. 10th.


    Really hope the Series X is, in fact, $500.  Would have been a tough sell for me if they went higher.


    Yea, I didnt realize MS hasnt actually confirmed the 499 price point for the series X and that was just Windows Central speculating. I do think thats probably the price they want to shoot for. I am thinking they havent confirmed it yet because they want to give themselves some wiggle room on price, depending on what the price of the PS5 turns out to be.




    The prices are good, I think. If Microsoft continues to work on backwards compatibility, the Xbox Series S will be a hot cake for original Xbox and Xbox 360 games. $299 for a 1080p machine is a steal. As long as games maintain that 1080p 60fps mark. Whether that happens, we’ll have to see. Their exclusives aren’t good enough for me, so the backwards compatibility is a key selling point for me.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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