you people are cowards.

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    The CDC was forced las tweek to finally admit the numbers are fraudulent. You pussies demanding everyone close their business so the greatest economy in history crashed need to be heald accountable.

    Weasring a mask is still a bad joke. Will not KOMPLY.


    People have been manipulated for decades. This Corona mess has been created as a false flag and the world bought it in bulk.

    Of course a bit of predictive programming helped too.20200312_232211




    these 2 parasites have been preaching and talking about it openly


    they been running out of ideas to blame on Trump, seeing as everything else failed


    Ive seen that Dr Fucki vid beore. He is the bagman who took the Ofucktard money to the Chinese lab to weaponize the common cold.

    This is just another attempt by the deep state to remove a sitting President cause they are desperate to not lose their hold on our taxes.


    Secondly Gates is slime. His fake ass vaccines have caused mas casuality events in Africa every time he tests them. Why hes not in jail for that shit is beyond me.

    That eugenicist needs to be rounded up in the George Soreass purge.


    Something is generally wrong with society now.  I don’t mean the normal wrong either.  There is a definite agenda in play right now.  I think there is a large segment of society that just doesn’t want to believe the corruption is that widespread.

    America infected Americans 4 different times with syphilis and watched them die just to see what would happen.  People will do anything.  The powers to be hate Trump so badly that they would lie or even manufacture a virus… I would not put anything past them.


    Well the real question is… why the desperation? Why the desperate push? Why is it such an ’emergency’ for them to get these odd things done so quickly? Why so quickly? Why 2021? What’s going on in 2021 that they need everyone to be vaccinated, monitored and controlled? Why 2021, and not 2028? Why 2021, now, now now when they could take it slow and get everything they want by being patient and wait for the sheep to sleep through it? Why instigate the riots? To get troops in all the major cities? Why now? Why 2021? Beyond Trump and Biden and the usual idiots…why this coming year? What’s causing them to make fools of themselves and be so sloppy? Why use this rather unconvincing bullshit, when they could have done something a hell of a lot more convincing?  Gates and the rest… is this about Epstein? Is this about a movement of people learning the truth about something? They’ve been working at all this for decades, taking their sweet ass time, but why now when things are so messy? It’s like they furiously and frantically jumped on the accelerator, and they all look so damn guilty now… why the desperation? Those are all important questions.


    Maybe because Soros is close to the end of his life and he wants to see his life’s work become fully realized before he croaks? Same with the other mega-billionaires.


    Epslime was connected to all of these fucks. His whore Gizlaine has all the tapes, all the photos, and knows where the bodies are burried.

    Second that with Soreass’ stated goals of wiping America from the map before he dies for ending the NAZI globalist takeover.


    The woman who said missing teen Amanda Berry was dead?


    (she was found 6 years after this hack said this)

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