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    I cant do more than a figure a day. 50 in a weekend is insane.


    Ladies and gentlemen I would like you all to meet my very first painted Space Marine I was first introduced to 40K via the fan made series “Astartes” which is absolutely incredible and I ordered miniatures from Amazon the very next day I’m dead ass serious and not to brag or anything but I think I did a decent job painting himyiyn2dlvbba31

    I might post more pictures when I get more figures painted


    Very good detailing.


    Nice work. Is that from one of the starter painting sets that comes in a white plastic tray? If it is then you can turn that tray into scenery really easily.

    Games Workshop Secret Terrain Piece


    Any other 40k players/collectors out there remember squats? I’ve got an army that matches the current Imperial Guard codex that includes these units:




    Its a solid start in the paint.

    Having not bought anything from GW in decades I have to ask are the models now shipped in blue plastic or is it still their old grey stuff?

    Why did this go at the bottom not under the blue marine?

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    GW now produces kits in a variety of colours. The same kit can be made in several different colours for release in different sets such as the starter sets for the boxed games. Most of the basic kits remain grey though.


    ok that is odd.


    I think the reasoning behind some of this is so that novice players can more easily keep track of which models are theirs when none of them are painted. They might not be able to tell a skitarii from a genestealer hybrid at a glance. The problem would be even worse for the Speed Freaks game – that set has two sets of Ork vehicles in it (bikes and buggies) so both sides would otherwise be identical.


    This is a recent conversion that takes parts from Imperial Guard tank kits to construct the chassis of an Ork battlewagon that I then added Ork parts to. Given the number of Imperial components used in this vehicle I decided that it should be painted in Blood Axe colours, their clan being the one that sometimes deals with the Imperium of Man in any way other than open warfare.


    This image is one of the ones used for the December update to my website. Lacking new proofread writing I’ve had to just put up some new images instead


    My growing army of Blood Ravens Space Marine chapter.


    Merry Christmas everyone I hope you all stayed safe during the holiday season I got my stepkids

    1.The Sonic Movie on Blu-Ray

    2.Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze

    3.Zelda Link’s Awakening

    (I was gonna show a picture but apparently the website hates images over 5mb)


    Yea it has issues some days.


    Older work but Ive never taken a photo of all 3 at once. The one with the club is the actual mold but I wanted some differences in each. 
    Brute squad 01
    Brute squad 02


    I recently bought this old style space marine off eBay and painted him to match how I am updating my Dark Angels:


    the seller asked me to send him a picture once he was painted so I sent that one plus one of the entire repainted Rogue Trader vintage squad I’ve put him in:


Viewing 15 posts - 151 through 165 (of 189 total)
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