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    Noo-clee-arr wessel..


    One of the old Rogue Trader vintage (late 1980s) inquisitors has a power weapon that does look like a lightsaber, yes.



    I replaced my Cyberpunk poster with a Resident Evil 4 poster unnamed (1)


    good call?


    Solamnic knight 34

    I think I put about 15 hours into this Every time I started a new area I fouled something Id already done.


    Dwarf knight 11

    Dwarf knight 12


    I’m still going through painting examples of each 40k faction for my website and this has given me the chance to paint up some Necrons.



    Finished this joten yesterday morning. The 28mm fig is just there for size. Had to crop her some to fit in the 5MB limit.

    female Joten 02 (2)


    I made the tree of Woe. finished it last night. IMG_20210211_182354289



    First time Ive been able to paint in more than a week. This was on my dest half done for most of that time.

    Barbarian 08
    barbarian 09


    I finished my task of painting up selections of figures from every Warhammer 40k faction a couple of weeks ago, including some that had been stored unpainted for years such as these Adeptus Mechanicus troops:


    Also these Genestealers:



    finished her last night.

    dwarf fighter 17

    dwarf fighter 18


    finished this on Monday

    Knight of Takhisis 27


    Yesterdays work.

    black robes 12


    I really like the contrast between the black dress and the lightning.

Viewing 15 posts - 181 through 195 (of 224 total)
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