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      Third attempt20210516_082929



      @shrap cool , i saw some of those figures on PTP channel


        Yeah, I am trying to get the Rise of Evil set. I have Flocked Panthor, he just isn’t on the shelf yet. She-Ra is on the way. Tri-Klops, Hordak. Scareglow, Orko, Stratos, Faker, Evil Lyn 2.0 and Ram Man are ordered. And this Saturday the Power Con exclusives are available for order for non-attendees. I just want the Greyskull set. The Horde one is enticing but honestly can’t afford it right now.

        I tried to post other pics of the rest of my collection, but just joined today and the forums are glitchy as fuck. So this was a simple third attempt.

        I was listening to Pixel Dan’s interview with Mattel this morning. There are a few more coming soon I am interested it. I don’t want the whole set. I don’t have the room. These are the characters I care about. Apparently Mattel is going to re-release He-Man and Skeletor in the future with classic style heads and single, not half, power swords. So I kinda want those too.



        Yeah, if we put too much pics or links, the forum flags the post as spam. you can post a couple of pics in each post, it’s fine. :)


          Here is the second pic. There is more. This is my center piece. The Gundams are RG, except for the one Build Fighters Gundam. RG’s Wing and Impulse are on the way. Kinda want to get one of the RG Unicorns, but undecided.


          Here’s a second go at posting some images of a tiny part of my collection of miniatures (40k and some non-GW) since the first one never appeared.

          1. A squad of veteran Imperial Guard converted from space marine scouts with near future heads from a different company.


          2. Rough riders converted from chaos horsemen. Again with heads from another company, this time British/Commonwealth WW2.


          3. Some heavily armoured ork infantry.


          4. Mek Buzzgob

          Mek Buzzgob

          5. Future troopers with scratchbuilt tanks.

          Future Troopers

          5. A Star Trek Starfleet team converted from various other figures.


          6. and a scratchbuilt shuttle to go with them.

          28mm Scale Star Trek Starfleet Shuttle


          My collection, while not mini-figures, are…



          Some of those Monty Python’s have those front flaps, and they lie on their sides (unfortunately you can’t see the items within from these shots.


          Still have not finished putting the rest of my books out.


          Ah, how did this get here?

          I had posted this many months ago.  July 12th, 2020.

          Yet I see one post with 8 images dated May 20, 2021 (that I did not personally make, yet has my user name/avatar).


          Or is this part of the Admins going thru all the replies lost in moderation hell finally being released?

          I am looking at the reply # and that might be what has happened.

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          amazing collection man


          Yes, that last post of mine was made many months ago and held (because of the number of images I guess).


            Never mind. I decided to post em up now.








            Some Star Wars stuff.


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              I don’t know does this count as a collection but I got a Special Edition 2005 Peter Jackson King Kong DVD gift set that is extremely rare


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