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            Screenshot_20200523-103312_Samsung Experience Home

            They sent 4 of the same one by accident but i let them know and they got a courier to pick the extras up



              These are my sons Skylanders and Disney Infinty, he is 16 now and doesn’t play them games anymore, saving them for when he has kids 😀










                      As Im a tabletop gamer I sometimes need groups of figures to represent army factions. Ive been forced to improvise as Ral Partha is the only group that had licensing for dragonlance figures and they went out of business when TSRT went under. (Yes they still exist under a new name- they dont have the rights to mint new molds of the old D&D products.)

                      Ive been using these to represent random Knights of Solamnia. I think I have 18 of them now each is in a different cloak and some have been modified. I added the second weapon to this one instead of using the shield he was supposed to be holding. Solamnic knight 17


                      since all armies need an opposing force Im using these for the Dragonlance Knights of Takhisis. I have a few less of these I need to get more to make the forces even.

                      Again some have been modified. And they have different cloaks to tell them apart. Ok mods why is it on its side? That makes no sense.
                      knight of Takhisis 04


                      No dragonlance game would be complete w/o Draconians so Ive been making those too.

                      Baaz 05


                      Started this vampires around 7 hours ago. Im calling her done now.

                      Vampire 07


                      Given that I like to convert figures as well as just use the standard out of the box configurations my collection includes variations on the standard figures such as this female member of the Adeptus Mechanicus, a tech -priestess, converted from an Amazon figure.




                      I love doing conversions. Some times they are amazing and others they dont end up looking as I intended. This one is one of my favorites.

                      Damn why is it sideways again? So anyway; this figure had wings and the tail added and the left arm replaced so he had two swords.

                      Sivak 06

                    Viewing 15 posts - 16 through 30 (of 254 total)
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