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    In this forum, we discuss your favorite streaming shows on the big “N”. It could be any show that was formerly or currently on the platform but it must have been on the platform for some time to be considered a streaming show on Netflix. For me, my favorite show is the Daredevil series, I enjoy the characters and the story of the overall streaming service from Charlie Cox’s portrayal of Matt Murdock to the portrayal of Kingpin from Vincent D’Onofrio. In fact, I created a forum for it if you are a fan of the Daredevil series on Netflix. However, for this forum, I want you to answer the following questions:

    1) What is your favorite show on the streaming platform of Netflix?

    2) Who are your favorite characters?

    3) What did you enjoy about the story of the show (such as favorite story arcs and moments)

    4) What other shows do you enjoy on the streaming platform?

    5) Where do Hulu and or other streaming platforms succeed where Netflix can improve upon?

    Thanks in advance for answering any and all the questions here.


      1) Fave show: Black Mirror

      2) Fave characters: It’s hard to pick a fave character as Black Mirror’s an anthology show, i probably have a fave character for each episode

      3) What i like about it/fave arcs: I like the dark humor and wit the show has. My fave episode’s Nosedive, also really liked Black Museum, Striking Vipers and                Rachel, Jack And Ashley Too

      4) Other shows i like: Stranger Things and Living With Yourself

      5) Other streaming platforms: The only other streaming platform i’ve watched original shows of for now’s Disney+, i love Star Wars so i really liked The                          Mandalorian, and i grew up on Clone Wars, so was very happy to finally receive it’s final season. I don’t know how to compare the different platforms as i just          go wherever there’s a show i like



        Hell on Wheels is a good one.


        Thank you DigiCat, for your reply. I have Black Mirror in my list of shows to watch on Netflix right now and I planned on watching it in the near future. This is just to say thanks for the recommendation. You also answered all of my questions which I appreciate it. I have heard of Stranger Things but not Living with Yourself. Can you tell me more about it? I apologize for not making the other streaming platforms thing clear. However, you answered it just fine. As long as you have a different streaming platform then you are good.


        Thank you for your reply, Ghost99. I have not watched Hell on Wheels before. Who is your favorite character on the show?


        Fav show? Ozark

        Fav characters? Marty

        I like it that the show becomes more darker as the seasons progress.


        1. The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance (if my profile pic wasn’t enough to give it way)

        2. The Chamberlain (again, profile pic)

        3. My favorite moment is a spoiler and I don’t want to say it hear cause i want people to watch it.

        4. Daredevil and Jessica Jones (season 1)

        5. Don’t really watch other platforms.


          Happy to help :)

          Living With Yourself’s a comedy mini-series starring Paul Rudd as a man who ends up being cloned after he tries an experimental treatment to become a better person. Haven’t finished watching the series yet, but it’s got me laughing my ass off



          Specially the 1st season.

          Of course, just like with any show during this era, it gets a little woke in the next seasons… but we can’t do nothing about it, it’s the law of entertainment industry nowadays.


          Hello again Darth_Vader1, thank you for your reply. I have not seen Ozark but I appreciate you answering my questions.


          Hello CraigtheBadGuy, thank you for your reply. I appreciate you answering all my questions. Although I have not seen The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance show, I will take your word for it. I have seen Daredevil and Jessica Jones (Season 1). However, I prefer Daredevil over Jessica Jones though.


          Hello Hazu, thank you for your reply. I have not watch Mindhunter before. However, if the show only have one good season then I will watch that season and skip the others. Thanks again.


            I’m going to take the opportunity here to plug “Bright“.

            I don’t care what the critics say, I loved that show, wanted more, and I hope it is one day released to physical disc.


            The other seasons are good, they’re watchable, but not as good as the first one. ;)   You can try the 1st season and if you enjoyed it, you can keep watching. :D Cheers

            1. Favorite show on Netflix would be Stanger Things. 
            2. Favorite characters from the show would be Eleven, Jim Hopper, Dustin Henderson, Nancy Wheeler and Steve Harrington.
            3. What I enjoyed about the show is the 80’s vibe it has and my favorite arc would be when they adventured into the Upside Down to rescue Will from the Mind Flayer.
            4. Other shows I enjoy on Netflix would be Lucifer, Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, Master of None and Santa Carla Diet, but of course that one got cancelled never got an ending. :(
            5. Sadly can’t say I only have Netflix for a streaming platform. I thought about getting Disney+, but haven’t decided yet
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