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    Great lists. I forgot about Altered Carbon. That was really an amazing show until about halfway through. Maybe episode 7 is when it trailed off. Sounds like that is the case with a lot of these shows, actually. Might be like that in movies as well, where the build up is better than the climax. I heard about one called Black Mirror, but never got into it. Watched The Witcher and though Stranger Things was overrated, which is why I avoid things with that cast, like Godzilla or Ghosbusters.

    One show I liked was a Korean show called My Country: A New Age, but it was way too long and just a bit slow, but by about the third episode, I was heavily into it and wondering why Star Wars couldn’t have better writing. The Korean show was about their civil war in the 1300s and had a lot of swords and archery and horses, so it has all the elements of fighting, but it was historical. A General stages a coup against a ruler and the general has like 10 sons by a few wives and all the sons are feuding for power, so there is a lot of fighting and alliances. One part I liked was the Korean madam gets scrolls from all the girls and she archives information that can be used against enemies and she buys and sells the information scrolls just like stocks, so via scroll and quill, she actually wields vast power without any violence or weapons. There is lots and lots of sword fighting and blood and it is shot very well. Stylish.


    My favourite show on Netflix right now

    1. Transformers: Kingdom

    2. Optimus Prime, Dinobot, Bumblebee, and Optimus Primal

    3.My favourite part was when the Autobots meet their Maximal descendants, but I kept wondering why the Maximals were the same height as the Autobots? In Beast Wars from the 1990s Beast Wars Series that Kingdom got characters from…..the Maximals were alot smaller than their Autobot ancestors who were giants and the Maximals were about Human sized.

    4. I liked Sweet Tooth which I saw recently and I can’t remember what else

    5. What Netflix can improve on…..I think Netflix should get rid of that awful and disgusting movie that shall not be named that poor Anna That Star Wars Girl had to sit through to just warn the rest of us about it’s existence. This disgusting movie that made Netflix lose alot of subs…please Netflix…get rid of that movie and you will improve.




      I have been a patron of Netflix since 2008. A few days ago I cancelled my subscription. The site is void most everything but their own productions. And their own stuff ranges from horrible too “omg I cannot believe they put this on TV”.
      If Netflix set a dumpster on fire and made a 2hr long recording, it would be better than most of their content.


      I do NOT have Netflix and should have posted this in Anime.

      New anime Witcher movie out. It’s graphic and bloody. I read about three of these books and was not overwhelmed, but there is a teeny amount of flair in the delivery of the language style.  Would you say Witcher books are good examples of “Non Woke Fantasy?” Yes, I think so.


      Andy Meek
      Tue, August 24, 2021, 3:23 PM

      In Netflix’s newly released anime spinoff of its popular The Witcher series — titled The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf — the narrative universe that heretofore kept Geralt of Rivia as its narrative center expands considerably.

      In this new 1-hour, 23-minute animated Netflix feature film from director Kwang Il Han, with a screenplay by Beau DeMayo, viewers are treated to the story of a new swashbuckling hero — Geralt’s mentor, Vesemir. A cocky young Witcher who takes immense delight in slaying monsters for coin. On the one hand, it’s a life that helped him escape poverty. But he quickly finds out that some callings are more important than just money. Especially when a strange new monster unleashes holy hell on “The Continent’s” politically fraught kingdom.
      The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf – now streaming on Netflix

      “When I read the original novel, I was amazed by the detailed descriptions of the backgrounds and the world,” Han said, in press material from Netflix. “I could almost picture the scenery vividly in my head … The novel really takes you on a journey through different parts of nature. You pass the plains from behind, go through a river and a range of mountains, to get to the hidden place that is Kaer Morhen. So I tried to capture those rich geographical elements in The Witcher anime as well.

      “The concept of the Kaer Morhen is that it used to be the ancient elves’ academy. Restructured by the humans. I am very excited to show you how we translated the rich descriptions of the novel into the animation world.”

      In terms of the response thus far, it’s been pretty stellar. From both critics and fans. On the review aggregation site Rotten Tomatoes, for example, the movie currently has a perfect 100% score (based on 15 critics’ reviews). Based on more than 100 user ratings thus far, meanwhile, the movie has a very strong 90% audience rating.


      hard pass on that “witcher” non canon story about a fake Vesemir.

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