Your favorite Sigourney Weaver Movie?

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    Your favorite Sigourney Weaver Movie?




    Alien. Those pants.

    Sexy, almost invisible panties aside? I rate her highly in pretty much everything she’s ever been in. Hugely underrated over the years. Again, how ironic is it that the salt-left rats cry that there’s no strong whamen, so they make Mary Sue crap. Ripley is one of the best developed characters in movie history and totally bad ass. She even plays ‘broken clone’ Ripley well in Alien Resurrection.




    ‘Alien’/’Aliens’, but ‘Galaxy Quest’ must be mentioned even though she’s part of an ensemble.


    Great shout with Galaxy Quest, and underrated gem of a movie. In fact, I haven’t watched it for years, I’ll be watching that tonight, so thanks for that


    Aliens. If it just a movie she’s in, Ghostbusters.


    The Queen of Sci-Fi shines no matter what movie she’s in.

    I literally just finished watching “Aliens” again today, but I have to agree with others. Other than the Alien movies, I’d go with “Galaxy Quest”.

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    I remember having such a boyhood crush on her back in the 80’s!

    Absolutely loved her in almost every single roll.  But my favorite is Aliens.

    She is such a bad ass, and it tells you why and how she is such a bad ass.   Why can’t they just do this with their new female leads?  I mean it works and really shows the truth to female empowerment.

    Yet we are painted by the media as these hateful bigots who just want to keep women down.  GTFO here with that nonsense.

    Total gaslighting so they can push women back into their non sense type cast.

    I will shut up now.  I could write a fucking book on the topic.




    Ghostbuster 1984

    Ghostbuster 2 1989

    Working Girl 1988

    Galaxy Quest 1999

    Dave 1993



    Ghostbusters 1984

    Ghostbuster 2

    Galaxy Quest

    Working Girl




    Aliens, very easily.


    Great call on Galaxy Quest though. I totally feel like sitting through that one now.

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    Galaxy Quest




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