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    With the game awards happening, I’m curious to know what peoples Games of the Year are.  As much as I loved playing Ghost of Tsushima, I still think Final Fantasy 7 Remake is my GotY for 2020.


    Ghost of Tsushima.


    But I find it hilarious how equally stupid end REEEEers left and right wingers can be. First, in the Player’s Choice GOTY when Ghost of Tsushima won game of the year, Ryan Kinel & company were laughing at the leftists when they were REEEing on twitter and resetera about how rigged the thing was and that The Last of Us 2 should’ve won.

    Well, after they gave out the rest of the awards and The Last of Us 2 won almost everything, I opened YouTube and saw Jeremy and other right wing YouTubers go REEEE it was rigged!


    Absolutely hilarious how the tables turn for both sides in a matter of days, one goes from ”REE it’s rigged” to ”haha keep crying it ain’t rigged” and the other side goes the other way. Good stuff.


    Ghost of Tsushima. Though I think it is the only 2020 game I’ve played this year. Everything else has been games that I either didn’t play from a few years ago, or games I’ve played multiple times already.


    There’s a difference between players choice and “journalists” choice. And it’s big.


    Yeah, I think it’s Ghost of Tsushima. It wasn’t a great year for gamers imo. But I think 2021 will be awesome with many contenders.

    The fact that a game like tlou2 is winning awards is hilarious. At this rate, the new Borat movie will win the Oscars.


      Yakuza 7.


        Admittedly, I haven’t played a lot of games this year but from what I have played I have to go with Doom Eternal.

        I would say the overall consensus is Ghost of Tsushima is easily the best game of the year. It’s ridiculous it didn’t get more love at the rigged game awards


          Mine would be Yakuza 7.


          I’m not a big fan of the gameplay change, but otherwise a solid choice


            Ghost of Tsushima, easily.

            The bullcrap with TLOU2 just shows how much the media ignores reality and only cares about their one sided agenda. Keep failing, but keep producing the same thing that failed because agenda.


            I’ve only bought two games that were released this year as far as I can recall. Those being Doom Eternal, and Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin. I’m still playing through Sakuna, where as I have finished Doom Eternal a while back, so I’ll go with that as my Game of the Year.


            My Game Of The Year is either Doom Eternal or Ghost Of Tsushima, they both good games in there unique way and style. But if I have to choose one I’ll go fo Doom Eternal.

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            I can suggest

            Archwar:Heroes and Demons

            This is quite an interesting game and many characters in this game.

            Check the game out at:

            Other portals:


            I would say my game of the year was Animal Crossing. I spend the most time playing it and enjoying it. I haven’t played that many games this year though!



            Working on my review right now – it was incredible 🍻


            Toss up between Doom Eternal and Half Life Alyx for me.

            Doom Eternal had what is probably the best modern “boomer shooter” sandbox ever – requiring you to use every trick in your arsenal at higher difficulty levels.

            Half Life Alyx was truly revolutionary for the VR medium and is an experience I honestly can’t describe (which is why I’ve yet to make a video on it- I haven’t got my script in a place where I think it does the game justice)

            They are both so incredible for different reasons.

            My honourable mentions would be Yakuza: Like A Dragon (which had the best story), Ghost of Tsushima (which was a great overall package, particularly once Legends was added), Hades (one of the best indie games I’ve ever played), Ghostrunner (super exciting, short and sweet) and the controversial one, Cyberpunk (which was basically an early access version of what will be a great game one day)

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