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    Thought I’d start something fun.

    Out of all of the characters within Marvel, DC, Image, etc. which characters would be in your all time top 5?

    The picks can be from anything comics.

    I’ll start off with my 5.

    1. Spawn

    2. Doctor Doom

    3. Superboy Prime (Infinite Crisis and Sinestro Corps War)

    4. Grifter (Image Era)

    5. Redeemer (Spawn)

    This list changes every now and then but it always goes back to these 5.


    1. Thanos (from the comics, not the depressed nihilist from the MCU)

    2. Power Girl (before the New 52 and after that annoying feminist phase she had)

    3. Hawkman

    4. Nova, maybe? (Richard Rider)

    5. Any superhero that kills and doesn’t act like a big baby over it.


    If this was a years ago, my top 5 would be very different with Batman being an easy #1. Comics has been ruined for me so much this few years by social marxists that I hate most American superheroes now and it’s gotten to a point of no return. Give me a space marine or demon slayer over these caped clowns any day of the week.

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    <p style=”text-align: left;”>1. Rorschach (Watchmen)</p>
    2. Iron Man

    3. Einstein (The Manhattan Projects)

    4. Negan (Walking Dead)

    5. Batman (The Dark Knight Returns)





    Conan The Barbarian (The Savage Sword of… Marvel B&W magazine)


    The Flash


    Wow, I’m liking these lists so far!

    It took me a while to come up with my list and I’m sure it was the same for yours.

    Out of all of the characters that can be chosen, there are some really interesting picks.


    1. Deathstroke

    2. Batman

    3. Joker

    4. Wolverine

    5. Tank Girl


    I don’t know much outside of Marvel so a Marvel list it is.
    1. Cyclops
    2. Mr. Sinister
    3. Doctor Doom
    4. The Punisher
    5. Spider-man (Peter Parker)

    Gag Choice: Panda-mania


    All time:

    1. Badger

    2. Superman

    3. Booster Gold

    4. Groo the Wanderer

    5. Conan

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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