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    Yes, I am still alive and breathing.


    Just wanted to share an update in regards to my YouTube channel. I reached out to other big time Fandom Menace channels, like Jessi Milestone (she was the first one that gave me a shout-out on a livestream she did). Later on, she mentioned me and my situation on an episode of The Matriarchy with Anna, Kelly (Jedi Bunny) and Merry Mayhem, to which all of them showed support for me. Merry even mentioned Josiah having something similar happen to his channel, having been demonetized around the same time, in that YouTube can just squash anyone who would dare step out of line.


    After the Matriarchy wrapped up, I headed over to Drunk 3PO’s stream with Jeremy and Star Wars Theory where I got two more shout-outs, from Jeremy and Jay themselves! Jeremy said that one of the only ways to directly contact Team YouTube is if you have a Twitter account (which at the time, I didn’t), and finally at the beginning of one of his livestreams, Jeff Hicks (WorldClassBullshitters) mentioned my situation to give me a little more traction and support thanks to the breakdown I gave to him in regards to my channel’s history up to its (hopefully temporary) deletion.


    I also did a couple videos on my second channel, DDayJedi, talking about my main channel’s deletion (it was mainly a breakdown of what happened, and later a rant as I lost control of my temper), and the history of my channel when I first started in late 2013 all the way up to January 2021 when I got that notice.

    More recently (on my 24th birthday of all days), I made yet another Twitter account (my third one already), with the label McJediNuggets, so I could directly contact Team YouTube and tell them about my situation.

    tweet 1tweet 2tweet 3tweet 4tweet 5tweet 6tweet 7tweet 8


    So I basically used the identity politics card against them, flipped their own flawed logic on them, and I think I made them feel guilty as a result of suspending my channel as they said that they’ll look into it, and will update me as soon as possible. *I am still prying away at them, letting them know about what I want to do with my channel – continue to grow it, hopefully earn money to help with my folks, and branch out more.

    So far, no other updates as of now, but I think we’re making an impact. Not just my channel, but all the rest of us speaking out against cancel culture/communism.

    For now, find me on my second channel, DDayJedi, and show me some support over there.

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