YouTube’s being an A-hole

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    Hey, i just wanted to bring attention to something that was a little strange, you know the column on the side in youtube, the one that shows your subscriptions, the one that’s suppost to show the channels you watch most near the top, well, i’m browsing youtube right now, and very strangely, all the channels i’ve been watching tons of videos of, are not there at the top ??? I haven’t been unsubscribed, but youtube has moved them all to the very bottom of (in my case) the very long subscription list 🤔

    The channels i’ve been watching a lot which have been moved to the bottom of the subscription list include Geeks And Gamers, That Star Wars Girl, RK Outpost, Yellow Flash, and i’m sure more…

    If anyone sees this, could you please check if the same thing’s happening to you with G+G and Fandom Menace channels? ‘Cause it seems like YouTube’s being a real asshole


    I noticed this at times it happens to me too. Not sure why. Another thing I noticed when I try to scroll down on my Youtube channel on the left scroll if I click on it. It then scrolls down on the right side instead. It’s like it is preventing me from checked all of my subscriptions to check them out.


    It looks like u-tube wants you to view u-tube preferred channels, and not free-thinking channels.


    I also noticed that when I am looking at the vids in my subscription, for over a month now it no longer has a “watched” tag on them, but they do show up in my “history” as having been viewed.


    They are sure taking steps BACKWARDS.


    I haven’t noticed anything wierd with watched videos yet, but i’ll check if anything like that happens to me 👍

    Also what do you mean by “watched” tag? My watched videos show up with a red line under them, is that the watched tag??


    It used to have the words “WATCH” across the bottom of the thumb-nail.

    I am going to have to look to see if I have a red line when I select ‘SUBSCRIPTIONS’ to see what’s new/if it was watched.


    I haven’t noticed this, but I watch most of my Youtube on my smart TV.


    After some playing around, I discovered that the “RED LINE” is indeed a thing.

    If you have the vid open in a different window, the “RED LINE” shows how far into the vid you are and progresses too to show it in real time.

    I have in the past had to stop a vid mid-way and return to it later and it continues from where I left off.


    Has anyone noticed u-tube playing around with the volumes on some vids?

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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