TRAILER: Arcane Season 2 (2024)

“Your council is dead! Wrath must be met with wrath.”

Today, Netflix dropped the first full trailer for Arcane season 2. This follows a couple of short teasers and news that GKids will release season 1 for purchase. The trailer also informs us that this will be the final season, but that doesn’t mean League of Legends is done with Netflix. Check it out here:

Where do I start? The animation is GLORIOUS! The music in the background is lovely and haunting and tells me this season just might be even more devastating than the first. Also, is it just me, or does the big male cop behind Vi and Caitlyn look like Vander? I love Ambessa, Mel’s mother, saying, “Your council is dead!” She’s more worried about manipulating the situation to her benefit than the fact that her daughter was killed(?) by Jinx in the season 1 finale. I don’t know how to feel about season 2 being the end; it’s good they have a set endgame and won’t drag the show out just for money. However, it feels like this story just started, and I want to see so much more with these characters.

Arcane Trailer

Is Jayce dead? It only makes sense if Mel and the rest of the council were wiped out, but he was one of my favorites in season 1. His and Viktor’s struggle with greatness and morality fascinated me. I especially find the contrast between their upbringings and reasons for what they do interesting. Honestly, I’m usually pretty numb to trailers these days. I know they won’t tell me if the show/movie will be good, and honestly, most entertainment is disappointing or just downright bad. This is the most hyped a trailer has had me since 2018, for what that’s worth. I hope Riot and Fortiche can pull off an ending as spectacular as that emotional, daring first season. For once, I think I can say that they probably will. 

What do you think about the trailer, the show ending after two seasons, or anything else? Let us know in the comments!

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June 11, 2024 at 7:47 pm

I almost posted this. Fans really rave about it. When I see the animation style, it makes me think of MistBorn book covers.
Think highly of it and appreciate you covering animation. Doesn’t always work, but when it’s done right, it’s some of the best stuff made.

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