Trolls Trailer Gets the Band Back Together

Today, DreamWorks and Universal released a trailer for Trolls: Band Together, which hits theaters on November 17th of this year. Check out the trailer here: 

I had no idea another Trolls film was coming at all. Despite being an (initially reluctant) DreamWorks fan, I still haven’t seen Trolls: World Tour. I thought the first Trolls was fine, but it’s a movie that aims squarely at kids and families. I have no problem with that; it’s just not for me. I love animated films and seek them out, but unlike some of the studio’s other work, Trolls is just what I would call “cute.” It doesn’t offer the adult moviegoer anything beyond the occasional chuckle. As for this trailer, it looks like much of the same. The line with all the boy band references was cute, especially since Branch is played by Justin Timberlake, who was in one. I’m not pumped to see Trolls: Band Together, but I also have no problem with it existing for those younger audiences. 

But what do you think about Trolls, this trailer, or anything else? Talk to us in the comments!

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