Universal Orlando Opens Epic Universe Preview Center

The Epic Universe is on its way, and Universal Orlando is doing all it can to get people hyped. While the park itself is not up and running yet, Universal did open a “Preview Center” to give parkgoers a glimpse of what to expect from the massive expansion. The Preview Center can be found at the former location of the Universal Legacy Store (which is a shame because that looks like it was a pretty cool place) and has clothes, dolls, and other assorted memorabilia, as well as a display showcasing what the Epic Universe will look like once it’s completed. And it’ll be even more epic than was planned, as Universal is adding over 1300 acres to the Epic Universe. Park Hoppin’ took a tour of the Epic Universe Preview Center, which you can see in the video below:

That centerpiece really reinforces how big this expansion is. I’m not sure if that includes the newly announced acreage, but even if it does, this is a massive theme park. And the Preview Center is a nice warm-up for the opening, which should be in 2025. I like that whoever designed it put the Dark Universe section – the one based on the Universal Monsters – right in front as you walk in; take that, Harry Potter. But this is a great way to create excitement for the Epic Universe; you can watch all the videos and read all the articles you want, but when you have merchandise in your hand, or you see something tangible when you visit Universal Orlando, it makes you anticipate what’s to come that much more. (If you’re interested in buying something, WDW News Today has a full list of Epic Universe merch with prices.) I hope the Epic Universe is as great as it looks; even if I don’t get there, I want these parks to be as cool as they were when I was a kid, or at least approaching that.

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June 15, 2024 at 3:28 am

Can you turn your comments on for your Black Myth Wukong article? I was actually going to buy that game since they stood up against Sweet Baby Inc…

Until I found their physical edition release is not going to include a disc =|

You read that right =| The physical release of Black Myth Wukong is only going to have a download code.

No, China isn’t trying to spy on us, are they? =|

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