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Having ridden a very strong tailwind over the past few years, Sony had all the advantages going into their E3 2017 conference. Once again, this year they did not disappoint.

The show started off with a display of Arabian music as it segued into a gorgeous, exciting trailer showing the Uncharted 4 DLC expansion pack, Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, pegged for an August 22nd 2017 release. The momentum continued with another DLC content pack, this time for the RPG hit Horizon Zero Dawn, called The Lost Wilds, that will be coming out sometime later this year. Coming up to bat right after that was a demo for Days Gone, the post-apocalyptic zombie survivor adventure that was briefly shown off last year, but this time with expansion on game mechanics and a better showcasing of the open world mechanics.

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Shawn Layden walked out on stage after their cold open trio of games and hopped into the action quickly by delivering a short, simple speech thanking fans and citing the quality of games they have as a part of the PlayStation library as the main reason why they have been so successful. He spoke about his wish to continue growing the PlayStation brand even further, which was followed by a substantial gameplay trailer for Monster Hunter, a game releasing early next year. A remaster of Shadow of the Colossus was also presented very quickly, which will release sometime next year as well.

Marvel vs Capcom Infinite gave audiences a story trailer, which was the first substantial look at the game that people have gotten to see. A story demo has also dropped and is available to be downloaded right now. A new trailer for Call of Duty: WWII was played, showcasing the brutality of World War II warfare and combat, which seemed to deliver on the promise of boots-on-the-ground gameplay that fans have been missing for so long now.

The PlayStation VR was put on display directly afterwards, with games confirmed to include the remastered port of Skyrim, a side-scroller named Star-Child, a game from SuperMassive called the Inpatient, as well as a VR fishing mode coming to Final Fantasy XV called Monster of the Deep, which is a further expansion on the base game’s fishing minigame. Another new title called Bravo Team was also confirmed, which appears to be a cooperative shooter and a puzzle video game following a mouse called Moss.

The slew of VR titles came to a swift end as one of the main draws of the show finally made an appearance: God of War. The series shifts away from the focus on Greek mythology and dives deep into Norse lore. Combat looks more brutal than ever, and the promise of an engaging father/son dynamic between Kratos and the character of the Atreus is one not seen in previous God of War games. It will be dropping in early 2018.

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Detroit: Become Human entered the spotlight as Quantic Dream’s signature choice-driven storytelling and gameplay was shown off. The setting is a future Detroit where androids rebel against their human creators and attempt to win freedom of their own. How events play out in Detroit is dependent on the decisions you as the player make and, beyond anything else, it is a visually arresting experience. No release date was announced.

Another hotly anticipated game shown off was Destiny 2, which promises to improve upon the first game regarding it’s narrative and mission design. With a bold vision in place, this is Bungie’s opportunity to make their new franchise have an even greater reach than it already does. It will be coming out on September 6th of this year.

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The show ended off with a look at Beenox’s Spider-Man exclusive, giving a look at the gameplay. Spidey moves around very fluidly, and the approach to stealth has been revitalized in a way that is a far cry from that of previous games starring our favorite wall crawler. Taking down enemies using both your webs and the environment is an exciting approach to gameplay, and the full array of different gameplay styles will only be readily available to be experienced once the game releases next year.

In contrast to the other conferences this year, Sony did not have much talking going on as many of these announcements were being made. There was a clear focus on AAA content, as they wanted to make sure that people got a good look at everything so that interest would set in early. There were also not very many smaller titles, unlike Microsoft’s conference which did take the time to highlight smaller games that came out. There was a stronger presence for exclusives, however, as roughly half of what was shown off will end up solely being available on a PlayStation 4 console. Most of what was seen were also given release windows, which is quite different from previous Sony E3 conferences where a lot would be shown off with no solid release date set, a la Final Fantasy VII Remake and Kingdom Hearts III. We do also have to address what many gamers will point out as the biggest shortcoming of the conference: No JRPGs were either announced or had demos. For a company known for their quality JRPGs, the lack of presence this year left a lot to be desired. However, Sony did still impress where they needed to and delivered a good show.

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Overall, this was another entertaining presentation put on by Sony that gave audiences fantastic glimpses at upcoming video games. They will not be the last of what is shown off at E3, so be sure to check out more of our coverage right here at Geeks+Gamers.

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Joshua Volkers is one of Geeks + Gamers’ associate editors, and helps coordinate video-game related content. Growing up in Canada, Josh has come to cultivate an appreciation for games that are more story-driven like RPGs. Despite that, he does still thoroughly enjoy games more oriented around gameplay than narrative. He attempts to champion lesser known games that deserve more exposure and recognition. His favorite video game series include Persona, Mass Effect, Uncharted, and Super Mario, with the chief among them being Final Fantasy.

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