Witcher: Blood Origin Gets a Measly 15Mil Hour Viewership

The Witcher: Blood Origin is one of the greatest travesties ever released. Learning from the Rings of Power debacle, fans and audience members have stood up against Netflix’s abomination of Andrzej Sapkowski’s incredible literary works. However, audience members are not only rejecting this horrendous show by letting their voices be heard but also by tuning out early, and some avoided it entirely. Netflix has released the viewership figures for the opening day of Blood Origin, and no one could have predicted how low these figures would be. Wednesday raked in an additional 118 million hours viewed in its fifth week of release. Emily in Paris season 3 also blew away expectations in its opening week with an impressive 117 million hours viewed. Even little-known or niche audience series like The Recruit, Harry & Megan, Sonic Prime, and Too Hot to Handle beat out Blood Origin in the Top 10.

Blood Origin Viewership

The Witcher: Blood Origin, an entry in one of Netflix’s biggest franchises, received a measly 15.8 million viewership hours, nearly beaten out by people rewatching Emily in Paris season 1 in preparation for the new season. This low threshold is far more than this abomination deserves. Despite this, no one could have guessed that it would have dipped this far. While this sad viewership allowed Blood Origin to reach #7 in the global Top 10, the show is nowhere to be seen on the Australian, UK, or the US Top 10, Netflix’s top 3 biggest countries. In fact, in Netflix’s 10 biggest countries, according to their third quarterly report, Blood Origin only managed to crack the Top 10 in Canada and Brazil, barely making the 10th and 7th spots, respectively. Hopefully, this development will make Netflix rethink its entire Witcher strategy, forcing the builders of this farce of entertainment to fear for their jobs.

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