Witcher Production on Hold Due to COVID

A Deadline exclusive has revealed that production on Netflix’s The Witcher has temporarily stopped because of the COVID pandemic. Four tested individuals came up positive yesterday, none of whom are primary cast members, and all will be isolated. The shoot is set to continue as soon as Netflix can be sure the cast is healthy and safe. The show’s production was already delayed once, after Kristofer Hivju, who will play a character called Nivellen, came up positive in March of this year. That snag halted filming until August, and eventually, a couple of production photos were released to the public. 

Witcher Production On Hold

It goes without saying at this point, but what a bummer. With everyone mostly cooped up at home, I think people are looking forward to their favorite TV shows more than ever. I was afraid this would happen, but it’s still another bit of bad news we didn’t need right this minute. The show’s first season was messy and, at first, quite confusing, but I liked what it ended up being well enough. I think a second season would have a lot of potential for improvement, and honestly, I’d just be excited to see more of these characters again, particularly Yennefer. I understand why these precautions need to be taken, and obviously, peoples’ safety is more important than a TV show or a particular release date. It’s just depressing for things to continually be delayed, pulled, or taken from theaters for so long. With these developments, most social gathering places closed or limited, and all the societal unrest we’ve seen lately, it’s difficult to keep things in perspective. It’s even worse to think we’re all going into the holiday season with this stuff looming over everything. I hope the sick crew members heal up and that production can resume soon, and I look forward to the new season of The Witcher

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