Xbox’s New Pride Controller Features 34 LGBT Flags

Colorful tech can look great, but not when it's just an explosion of skittle barf

It’s that time of year again, which means corporations en masse get a virtue-signal boost to their image while everyone else gets preached to and spammed about rainbows and “being yourself.” In addition to giving $170,000 to LGBT non-profits, Xbox is producing its Pride controller featuring 34 flags of the LGBT communities. Take a look at the image they showed on their Twitter announcement:

Xbox pride controller

And it’s not just a limited-time offer for this month, apparently. Xbox has confirmed the Pride controller will be available year-round:

It’s not just Xbox putting out all their Pride spiels, of course; PlayStation is outspoken about it as well:

At least they have no rainbow puke hardware yet. Turning this into a console war fight doesn’t work, though, since every manufacturer in the West virtue signals like this, as this response demonstrates:

Speaking of Xbox, their Twitter account has been responding to some of the criticism by telling fans not to reply:

I thought the whole point of Twitter was to reply to posts and make discussions, but I guess not according to Xbox. Modern progressive companies don’t seem to like listening to criticism unless it’s politically correct and in line with their values. These double standards are so apparent and, quite frankly, insulting. So much for diversity. You often get treated as if your opinion doesn’t matter and you’re lesser than them if you don’t align with their specific left-leaning politics and progressive agendas. As one Twitter user rightly pointed out in a reply to Xbox’s tweet:

These are valid comments that tend to get the label of hate speech and toxicity, yet when someone they agree with complains of a lack of racial inclusion or sexual identity (which should be private anyway), they get welcomed with open arms.

One Twitter user responded, “Religion is a choice, sexuality is not. Solved your problem for ya.” That’s a nice opinion and all, but it’s just that. The idea that religion is a choice one autonomously makes for themselves completely excludes Calvinists who believe God chooses them through predestination. Many other religions and spiritual beliefs likewise assert that fate is not malleable and free will is just an illusion. Heck, that’s even a mainstream philosophical view. I don’t personally hold these views since I believe in free will, but who’s to exclude entire philosophies and religious denominations of their idea that their religion was predestined or chosen for them by divine will?

Double standards are rife in progressive ideologies. It’s all diversity and inclusion, but only if you agree with their politics and progressive ideals. Anyway, long-winded rebuttal aside, there are some pretty good responses on those Xbox Twitter threads. One response summed up a lot of people’s feelings about this whole force-fed virtue signaling perfectly:


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