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Middle Earth, Jeremy Soule
2 years ago 1 Comment

Jeremy Soule, the composer most well-known for his soundtracks to the Elder Scrolls and Guild Wars franchises (and let’s not forget KOTOR), expressed interest late last week in being involved with Amazon’s yet to be released Middle Earthseries, which has been reported to be the most highly budgeted television series of all time at a …

video game soundtracks, Final Fantasy VII
2 years ago no Comment

In my first article at Geeks + Gamers, I spoke of the importance of video games as one of the greatest disseminators of historic musical traditions in recent history. My thesis was essentially that now that many more individuals are playing console, computer and even mobile games than ever before, and now that most video …

What the VRX Survey Tells Us About Recent Trends in VR and AR Tech Businesses
2 years ago no Comment

In a recently released survey (the results of which can be downloaded here), the XR Industry Survey 2018, (VR) Intelligence, a global network of business leaders in VR, AR and immersive tech companies, shed light on both the current state of and growing trends in the industry. Taken at (VRX) 2018, an event which consisted …

2 years ago no Comment

I recently had family visiting from that nebulous place known as “out of town.” My brothers and I got to looking around at some of our old consoles and decided to fire up the Nintendo 64. Admittedly this was partly to see if the youngest additions to our family – both shy of ten, and …

Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy, Video Game Music
2 years ago no Comment

At the outset of writing this, I should begin with a small personal anecdote: a significant amount of my own inspiration as a musician and composer has come from playing video games. To this day I remember as vividly as ever one of the most powerful visuals I have ever seen: a scene from Final …

Anohana Review
2 years ago no Comment

*By special guest writer L.B. Bryant* Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae o Boku-tachi wa Mada Shiranai (or just AnoHana) first premiered in the Spring of 2011 as part of that season’s Noitamina block, but it seems like only yesterday that I first sat down to watch it. Animated by A-1 Pictures (Asterisk War, Blue …

3 years ago no Comment

Remember that moment in Wonder Woman where, as she’s facing down Ares with fire blazing around her, she confidently proclaims to him and the world, “I believe in love,” and instead of coming off as cheesy or phony, it just works? That’s because the filmmakers believe that sentiment wholeheartedly, and we believe in our heart …

better watch out
3 years ago no Comment

Better Watch Out deals with ideas of toxic masculinity and how fragile the male ego can be, diving into how men look at women as mirrors, expecting their feelings toward them to be reflected back. When they aren’t reciprocated perfectly, easily-bruised masculinity breaks the mirror. The characters in this movie take things farther than just name-calling …

REVIEW: Gerald’s Game
3 years ago no Comment

Gerald’s Game is a psychological exploration of a woman’s past scars while simultaneously acting as this surreal head-trip into her psyche, providing haunting imagery, stomach churning flashbacks that will make your blood boil, and an empowering conclusive act of grotesque bravery that will dare you to look away while attracting your gaze to the screen like a …

game of thrones music
3 years ago no Comment

Music is an essential element that helps breathe life into a project and enhances the end result. Skilled filmmakers or television creators expertly utilize the power of score into their projects, creating unforgettable pairings of imagery and song. It can be argued that music is just as important to the creative process as plot, character, …

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