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REVIEW: Superman & Lois – Season 2, Episode 2 “The Ties That Bind”

Still in the early stages of its second season, Superman & Lois continues laying the groundwork for the story arcs to come. “The Ties That Bind” is another setup episode, but it feels more productive than “What Lies Beneath.” Several plotlines grow, if only slightly, and a couple of big ...

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REVIEW: The Book of Boba Fett – Season 1, Episode 4, “The Gathering Storm”

*SPOILERS* “The Gathering Storm” returns to Boba’s flashbacks as he checks out Jabba’s palace, deciding there are too many guards to engage. Fennec Shand pursues him silently. That night at camp, Boba sees what happens to Fennec in “The Gunslinger” and takes her to the body modifiers to ...

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REVIEW: Last Night in Soho (2021)

With the recent physical release of Edgar Wright’s ground-breaking psychological thriller, Last Night in Soho, a retrospective is in order for this stunning and visually engaging story that brings 1960s Soho back to life. Despite the impressive skill displayed in the film’s production and high r...

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REVIEW: Scream (2022)

BEWARE THIS REVIEW CONTAINS SPOILERS! Normally when I write these reviews, I start off with a nice intro with some background, but this time, I’m just going to jump into it because I am beyond disappointed. Scream 5 was high on my watchlist this year. I have literally one video on my YouTube chann...

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REVIEW: Dexter: New Blood

Dexter: New Blood is Showtime’s attempt to bring back their acclaimed show, resolve the open ending, and fix the many issues fans had with the original finale. This sequel show was received with lackluster ratings and middling views, as reported by TV Series Finale and other sources. The original ...

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REVIEW: Superman & Lois – Season 2, Episode 1 “What Lies Beneath”

Now that The Flash has gone on hiatus till the spring, the up-for-sale CW has brought back its other big DC gun with the season premiere of Superman & Lois. When it debuted last year, this show breathed new life into the network’s waning superhero slate with a take on the Man of Steel that &he...

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