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REVIEW: The Bad Batch – Season 3, Episodes 1, 2, and 3, “Confined,” “Paths Unknown,” and “Shadows of Tantiss”

*SPOILERS* In “Confined,” an Imperial shuttle crashes just outside of Dr. Hemlock’s compound. Omega assists Nala Se, becomes familiar with Emerie, and befriends a lurca hound. She intermittently visits Crosshair to convince him to escape with her. “Paths Unknown” picks up with Hunter an...

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REVIEW: Madame Web (2024)

Madame Web may be the first movie I’ve seen where the red carpet premiere was more interesting than the film itself. Granted, the red carpet premiere featured this showdown, but the larger point is that this is one terrible movie. Every aspect of Madame Web is a catastrophe; it’s laden down wi...

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REVIEW: I.S.S. (2024)

I.S.S. is a movie I only became aware of very recently, thanks to movie theater trailers. I like Ariana DeBose, but I more than likely never would have seen this one were it not for my husband’s penchant for space movies. Speaking of DeBose, it’s weird for her to appear in this and Argylle s...

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REVIEW: Argylle (2024)

After that fun, zippy trailer, Argylle is a massive disappointment, a movie that doesn’t know what it wants to say or how it wants to say it. The leads – two actors I generally like – are painfully miscast, the tone is all over the place, and the only good parts are the fantasy sequences. The...

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REVIEW: Reacher – Season 2, Episode 8, “Fly Boy”

The writers of Reacher must’ve known how melancholy seeing season 2 end would leave fans, so they made the finale, “Fly Boy,” immensely satisfying. All of the storylines wrap up in fun and gratifying ways, with Reacher dispensing the justice we want to see visited on the evildoers who came af...

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REVIEW: American Fiction (2023)

When I first saw a trailer for American Fiction before The Boy and the Heron over a month ago, I knew I needed to see it. Jeffrey Wright consistently delivers the goods, and this film looked hysterical. I’m only frustrated that it took weeks past the official release date for any theaters n...

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