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Is Kevin Feige’s Development of the MCU a Myth?

“Captain Marvel is the most powerful character in the MCU” was a popular Kevin Feige quote from an interview with Vulture to promote that character’s already controversial film. These types of statements are dumb since the character’s diegetic power levels are irrelevant to h...

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First Indiana Jones 5 Set Pics Revealed

The first photos of Harrison Ford on the set of the new Indiana Jones movie currently filming in the UK have been revealed. IJ Adventure Outpost dropped an “exclusive photo” of Harrison Ford on set with Lucasfilm President Kathleen Kennedy and (probably) her husband and producer, Frank M...

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First Batman Image from The Flash Hits Instagram

He gave us a signal. In an Instagram post, Andy Muschietti, director of the upcoming DCEU movie The Flash (or whatever they end up calling it), shared an image of Michael Keaton’s Batman suit from the movie. The picture features the iconic emblem on the chest, this one a black bat with a yellow ba...

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Master and Commander Returns for a Prequel

This’ll take the wind out of your sails. Deadline exclusively reports that 20th Century Studios (formerly 20th – and then 21st – Century Fox, till Disney bought it) is developing a new movie based on a series of novels by Patrick O’Brian. The books center on British Navy captain Jack Aubrey ...

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The Chinese Box Office Delusion

Billions of potential Chinese moviegoers, billions of dollars to be made… Sounds like a winning combination, right? A no-brainer. Maybe that’s been the problem; it appears no brains have been used to study the implications of pursuing the Chinese box office. Hollywood has always assumed it’s j...

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Eternals Trailer Stands Around and Looks Pretty

The outer reaches of the comic book world are being mined, as Marvel has released a trailer for Eternals (as opposed to “The Eternals,” as I’d been incorrectly calling it until I saw the title card at the end). Eternals concerns an alien race who’ve spent millennia in hiding on Earth coming ...

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