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WWE Survivor Series: WAR GAMES (2022)

WWE Survivor Series: WAR GAMES results and commentary from Danny Damage! WWE Survivor Series Results 2022 The men’s War Games match makes sense and feels like it arose naturally. There are five members of The Bloodline, and a party of five babyfaces has put their differences aside to take out ...

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AEW Full Gear Results (2022)

AEW Full Gear results and commentary from Danny Damage! AEW Full Gear Results (2022) Every… fucking… time! How many matches, Tony? It’s not Wrestle Kingdom or WrestleMania, and it’s not just me running on UK time (1 AM start) that has issues with this. Many people state-side ...

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Russian Figure Skater Kamila Valieva Faces Four-Year Ban

At the beginning of the year, it was reported that Russia would be banned from the 2022 World Figure Skating Competition due to the Russian and Ukraine conflict. It’s important to note that the USA was not banned, and Russia dominates in figure skating. But that wasn’t all the latest new...

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WWE Crown Jewel Results (2022)

WWE Crown Jewel results and commentary from Danny Damage! WWE Crown Jewel Results (2022) The loveable clown Titus O’Neil welcomed us to WWE Blood Money 2022, where the ladies were wrapped up from head to toe, the only people who wanted advertising space on the show were WWE themselves, and for...

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The NHL Goes All in on Woke Diversity and Inclusion Agenda, Releases 1st Report

In case you didn’t already know, even the NHL has gone woke. They may be a bit behind the curve, but don’t worry; they’re catching up fast. The NHL often uses the tagline “The Fastest Game on Earth,” but somehow, that wasn’t good enough for them. Now, they want to be the wokest game on &...

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NXT Halloween Havoc Results (2022)

NXT Halloween Havoc results and commentary from Danny Damage! NXT Halloween Havoc Results 2022 NXT hasn’t been the same for years now, but there’s been a glimmer of hope since Vince McMahon’s fingers have been pulled out of it. However, there are still plenty of issues with the pro...

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