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Newest Marvel Hero Ready to “Take Ownership” of Her Space as Captain America

The latest Marvel hero to adopt the mantle of Captain America is none other than Nichelle Wright. Newest Captain America set to debut in July — Lyndon Hall (@L_Hall91) April 16, 2021 This new “local” version of Cap dons a one-legged pantsuit, purple hair,...

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DC’s Future Reveals the State of Comics

Legendary publisher DC Comics is no stranger to multiverse-spanning events that result in dire consequences for its characters. Last year, we were told that the publisher had designs on rebooting their multiverse whilst jumping the timeline forward several years. The resulting relaunch was dubbed 5G...

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James Marsters Pitched a Comic Series to DC

James Marsters is about to go from television to comics once again. In an interview with Michael Rosenbaum, the Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Smallville alum talked about his recent pitch to DC Comics, only saying that the concept – which he’s had in mind for several years – is awesome and that...

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Dan DiDio Leaves DC Comics

After a nearly two-decade tenure with the publishing giant, editor-in-chief Dan DiDio has left DC Comics, reports the Hollywood Reporter. This news comes as a surprise to many, as just this last summer, DiDio announced the publisher’s plans for another line-wide reboot in 2020 and rolling into...

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DC Comics Announces Batman: The Adventures Continue

The 1990s were a true treat for comic book fans, and that’s not even counting the massive boom that the comic book industry itself saw. That decade brought what is to date still some of the best animated series that any superhero has seen. A standout amongst even the other giants that shared the s...

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Irene Adler Comic Adler Releases This Week

The love of Sherlock Holmes’ life, Irene Adler, is about to get her own self-titled comic series courtesy of Titan Comics. The creative team of Lavie Tidhar and artist Paul McCaffrey have joined forces for a five-issue miniseries, titled Adler, which will team Irene with various people from th...

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