Rippaverse Releases Yaira #1 Animated Short

The Yaira #1 campaign is in its last few days, but the Rippaverse is still celebrating its new hero. Today, the Rippaverse Comics YouTube channel released a Yaira #1 animated short to promote the campaign’s final push. The short features a tussle between Yaira and Isom, the Rippaverse’s first hero, with Alphacore leader Bryan Solari looking on, fascinated. Written by Jen and Sylvia Soska with art by Débora Caritá, Yaira #1 has generated $1,409,135.00 in its campaign so far, the fourth consecutive Rippaverse campaign to break $1 million. You can still pre-order the book here and shop around for other Rippaverse comics and memorabilia. The Yaira #1 animated short is below:

It seems odd to release what is essentially a trailer for a campaign that’s ending on Friday, but that isn’t really the point of this short. This is Eric July and the Rippaverse team testing the waters to see if their customers want different content than comic books. In the pinned comment under the video,  Rippaverse asks fans if they’d like to see an animated series based on the Rippaverse comics and encourages them to become members on the website to make it happen. I imagine that live-action trailer for Yaira #1 was much the same, getting the team’s feet wet for potential live-action productions down the line. It’s exciting to see one of the Fandom Menace preparing to branch out into different types of entertainment, and I hope Eric July is not the last. The Critical Drinker just had a short film about his Ryan Drake book series made. (The Drinker was a novelist before he conquered YouTube, but his online success certainly paved the way for the movie.) Razörfist has been writing his own graphic novels, the latest of which is a Western called Ghost of the Badlands; what if he films his own Western stories? Or – and if you watch his videos or read his X posts, you know this a distinct possibility – imagine Razörfist single-handedly bringing back film noir one day. The Rippaverse could only be the beginning of a deluge of alternative art in various forms, and that’s an exciting prospect.

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May 21, 2024 at 12:56 am

Yeah. Wrote a response to the FNT thread, but didn’t end up posting it. EJ with the Animated Alpha Core and the Yaira live action trailer were actually 2 good things that I did like. They both showed potential. I’m not into the characters that much, and yet, I still liked both efforts, as well has his musical efforts, as he also has the ability to do his own soundtrack.
The main thing though is the money. He has the ability to raise it and that is the most important thing. You would think creators, writers, actors, directors would all seek him out.
At least he’s going for it and diving in. Was thinking about how Wicked had to pay it’s dues for about 20 years.
I like the pace of releases. Not rushed. Just a little something at a time. A little glimpse.
Took Kirkman, Mark Millar, McFarlane, Liefeld, took them all years and years. Hope he stays with it and that his team enjoys it because they are actually trying.
So much potential. Hasn’t clicked for me yet. I do like how tall Yaira is in the live action trailer.

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