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Rippaverse Releases Yaira #1 Animated Short

The Yaira #1 campaign is in its last few days, but the Rippaverse is still celebrating its new hero. Today, the Rippaverse Comics YouTube channel released a Yaira #1 animated short to promote the campaign’s final push. The short features a tussle between Yaira and Isom, the Rippaverse’s first ...

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Sony Releases Short Film The Spider Within: A Spider-Verse Story on YouTube

This Wednesday, March 20th, Sony Pictures Animation posted a Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse spinoff short film on YouTube. The Spider Within: A Spider-Verse Story was produced last year to promote mental health among the youth, and was made specifically for the Kevin Love Fund as part of its “...

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24 Director Jon Cassar Joins the Critical Drinker’s Rogue Elements

The Critical Drinker’s new movie is getting a helping hand from the guy who shepherded Jack Bauer’s journey. In a new livestream, the Drinker announced that Jon Cassar is coming aboard Rogue Elements: A Ryan Drake Story, the short film based on Drinker’s novels, presumably as a producer. If yo...

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Rogue Elements Trailer Brings the Critical Drinker’s Books to the Screen

The Critical Drinker has become what he has beheld, but not in the bad way Eliot Ness meant. If you follow his channel, you’ll know that the Drinker is also the author of a series of action novels featuring former British soldier and current CIA operative Ryan Drake. And over the past year, he’s...

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Disney+ Announces Pixar Popcorn Shorts Series

Tuesday, Disney released a trailer announcing Pixar Popcorn, a new series coming to the Disney+ streaming service. At least at first, the series will consist of 10 “bite-sized” short films featuring various beloved Pixar characters. Titles are to include Chore Day the Incredibles Way, Co...

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Why I’m Excited: Code 8

The superhero genre has grown in a myriad of ways throughout the last decade. While you could certainly argue the MCU was a factor in this evolution, the Arrowverse has also contributed in major ways, and that is due to Stephen Amell’s work on the first two seasons of Arrow. I remember when Amell...

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