24 Director Jon Cassar Joins the Critical Drinker’s Rogue Elements

The Critical Drinker’s new movie is getting a helping hand from the guy who shepherded Jack Bauer’s journey. In a new livestream, the Drinker announced that Jon Cassar is coming aboard Rogue Elements: A Ryan Drake Story, the short film based on Drinker’s novels, presumably as a producer. If you don’t recognize the name, Jon Cassar directed fifty-nine episodes of 24, the now-classic action series starring Kiefer Sutherland as anti-terrorist agent (who often went rogue) Jack Bauer, as well as the TV movie that bridged seasons 6 and 7, 24: Redemption, and six episodes of the revival miniseries, 24: Live Another Day. Cassar also directed several episodes of The Orville, including some of the action-heavy newer ones, and served as an executive producer on these and other shows. If you’re unfamiliar and want a small look at what he can do, watch below:

This is a big deal for Rogue Elements. Jon Cassar is an incredibly talented action director, and as he’s worked almost exclusively with network television, he can do a lot with a limited budget. He’s a huge get for the Drinker and his team. Cassar didn’t direct Rogue Elements – that was Travis Grant – but the implication in the livestream video’s description is that he will work more with this team down the road, so he may be directing a Ryan Drake project in the future. It’s also a good sign for us viewers that Cassar took a liking to Rogue Elements and wanted to be a part of it because he knows quality when he sees it. And the possibilities for Rogue Elements just got a lot more interesting because Cassar has a lot of friends, contacts, and goodwill in Hollywood. (That livestream has some great stories from Cassar’s career, as well as insight into the business.) This may not be as small a project as it started as, or at least future ones may be a lot bigger. This is awesome news, and just like when a new episode of 24 ended, I’m even more excited to see what happens next.

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March 1, 2024 at 1:18 pm

Loved first 3 seasons of 24! Should I continue??

    March 1, 2024 at 5:05 pm

    Yep! Seasons 4 and 5 are my favorites; 4 is more straightforward than most but is relentlessly paced. 5 is very labyrinthine and twisty. 6 is not as good as the others, but not bad; some of the subplots and backstories are a bit silly, but it has great stuff in it. In between 6 and 7 is a movie called 24: Redemption that bridges the gap and is really cool. 7 is mostly really good. 8 is my least favorite, but still has some good stuff. Then is the revival, 24: Live Another Day, which is a half-season (some jokingly said it should have been called “12”), and that’s very good. But it’s worth watching the whole thing straight through.

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