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Superman & Lois The Ties That Bind
3 days ago no Comment

Still in the early stages of its second season, Superman & Lois continues laying the groundwork for the story arcs to come. “The Ties That Bind” is another setup episode, but it feels more productive than “What Lies Beneath.” Several plotlines grow, if only slightly, and a couple of big reveals are balanced by more …

Moon Knight trailer
4 days ago 2 Comments

The moment a segment of hardcore comics fans have been demanding is here, as Disney has released the first Moon Knight trailer. Based on the Marvel superhero, Moon Knight follows Marc Spector, a mercenary who suffers from dissociative identity disorder – more commonly known as “multiple personality disorder” – as he unravels a mystery involving …

Justified: City Primeval
1 week ago 4 Comments

Almost ten months ago, we learned through Variety that the producers of Justified were developing a series based on Elmore Leonard’s novel City Primeval: High Noon in Detroit for FX. Furthermore, they wanted to bring back Justified’s hero, Raylan Givens, to be played again by Timothy Olyphant, either in a limited capacity or as the …

Superman & Lois What Lies Beneath
1 week ago no Comment

Now that The Flash has gone on hiatus till the spring, the up-for-sale CW has brought back its other big DC gun with the season premiere of Superman & Lois. When it debuted last year, this show breathed new life into the network’s waning superhero slate with a take on the Man of Steel that …

Cobra Kai
2 weeks ago no Comment

At this point, the announcement of a franchise revival elicits an immediate dread in said franchise’s fans. We’ve been duped too many times to get our hopes up for a worthy sequel that makes us feel anything close to the magic of the original film, series, or whatever piece of art is set to be …

CW sale, Arrowverse
2 weeks ago 2 Comments

The Arrowverse may be getting a new home. The Wall Street Journal reports that ViacomCBS and WarnerMedia are selling the CW network. (The Journal article is behind a paywall, but you can see the details at The Hollywood Reporter, who confirmed the story from “multiple sources” soon after the Journal broke it.) The CW was …

3 weeks ago 3 Comments

Cobra Kai rang in 2022 – or, rather, ended 2021 – by giving us the fourth chapter in its dueling dojos saga, and what a way to start a new year! With season 4, Cobra Kai continues its unbroken winning streak with another round of episodes that perfectly balance character arcs, a compelling story from …

Bat and the Cat trailer
4 weeks ago 4 Comments

Warner Bros. doesn’t want you to forget about its superhero slate going into the New Year, as the studio has released a new The Batman trailer, which it’s calling “The Bat and the Cat Trailer.” Directed by Matt Reeves, The Batman finds Bruce Wayne in his second year as Batman tracking down the Riddler, a …

The Matrix Resurrections
1 month ago 2 Comments

For a movie that has no business existing, The Matrix Resurrections draws a lot of attention to how it has no business existing. More a meta-commentary on the franchise, its own ineptness, and the entertainment industry in general than an actual narrative, The Matrix Resurrections borders on unwatchable, so satisfied by its own smarmy critique …

1 month ago no Comment

Spider-Man: No Way Home has had its opening weekend now, and if its incredible box office performance is any indication, most people have seen it. That means it’s time to get in-depth and let the spoilers fly. (If you haven’t gotten to the theater yet, you can read my spoiler-free review here and come back …

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