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Hogwarts Legacy music
19 hours ago 1 Comment

Hogwarts Legacy arrives on February 10th, 2023, but you can listen to some of the music scored specifically for the video game below! The music is light, whimsical, and mysterious, and in my opinion, fits the Wizarding World well. The music video is well done and shows off a lot of Hogwarts and the landscape …

Disney Clothes Recall
2 days ago no Comment

Because Disney is excelling at everything they do lately, their very own children’s pajamas are now being recalled due to a lead-poisoning risk! Parents, be warned! Let’s jump in. Disney partnered with The Bentex Group, which creates clothing for children of various ages. Unfortunately, nearly 90,000 items made in Egypt were tested for lead and …

Harry Potter
1 week ago no Comment

Geeks + Gamers Lethal Lightning finally watched Harry Potter! Read below for his real-time take on each film! WARNING: This Article Has Very Strong Language! Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s (Philosopher’s) Stone “Wow, Vernon is fucking rough; he just pulled Harry by the hair!” *Incoherent cheering when Weasley family appears* *Even more cheering when Ron …

Gary Nerdrotic
2 weeks ago 2 Comments

Gary From Nerdrotic was only seven minutes late to the interview! Blabbering Collector: When did you decide to start collecting, and why? Gary: Oh boy! I started collecting even before I intended to! I was five or six; my mom bought me a comic book at a 7/11. She bought me Marvel Team-Up 42 because …

Kamila Valieva Olympics
3 weeks ago no Comment

At the beginning of the year, it was reported that Russia would be banned from the 2022 World Figure Skating Competition due to the Russian and Ukraine conflict. It’s important to note that the USA was not banned, and Russia dominates in figure skating. But that wasn’t all the latest news from figure skating. Kamila …

3 weeks ago no Comment

You know, the thing, man, let’s jump in! Job Cuts & Hiring Freezes According to Variety, Disney will begin to limit company travel, establish a hiring freeze, and enact job cuts as part of a new plan. CEO Bob Chapek wrote: “I am fully aware this will be a difficult process for many of you …

Hogwarts Legacy
4 weeks ago 1 Comment

I just watched the latest Hogwarts Legacy gameplay trailer with Geek + Gamers team members Steph and Lethal, and all three of us came to the conclusion that this game will be delayed for at least the third time. Hogwarts Legacy was originally supposed to be released back in 2021 and will not release until February 2023. …

Harry Potter theme park
4 weeks ago no Comment

A new Harry Potter theme park is on the horizon! It will be located in the world’s largest indoor theme park, Warner Bros. World Abu Dhabi, specifically at Yas Island. The theme park already hosts fandoms such as Wonder Woman, Superman, Batman, Tom and Jerry, Bugs Bunny,  and The Flintstones. For more information from the …

4 weeks ago no Comment

British actor Leslie Phillips has died peacefully in his sleep at age 98. He was known for the Carry On films and voicing the Sorting Hat in the Harry Potter films. Phillips is the second Harry Potter actor to pass away in the last few months, after Robbie Coltrane, who played Rubeus Hagrid. He has starred in over 200 motion pictures and radio series!   …

Lin-Manuel Miranda Hermes
4 weeks ago no Comment

Just when you think the casting for the Percy Jackson Disney+ series couldn’t go more wrong, Disney announces that Lin-Manuel Miranda is playing Hermes. Because why not, a historical Greek God is now played by a Puerto Rican. Hermes is described by Apuleius as being with “golden blond hair that hung in locks, highlighted by …

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