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Godzilla Minus One
14 hours ago no Comment

Godzilla Minus One feels like the little movie that could, taking America by storm the way Godzilla takes Tokyo. It seems like a legitimate crowd-pleaser, with movie fans praising it and buying enough tickets to secure it a wider release this week. And it’s a pretty good movie to boot, with some entertaining monster attacks and …

Sean Gunn
1 day ago 1 Comment

James Gunn, as expected, is keeping it in the family with some of his DC casting. Deadline exclusively reports that Gunn has chosen his brother, Sean Gunn, to play Maxwell Lord, a DC villain who, according to the piece, will be mentioned in Superman: Legacy and appear in future DC films. Sean Gunn has appeared in …

1 day ago 1 Comment

Napoleon feels like a clip show of what may well be a great movie. At two and a half hours, it feels rushed, with too little time devoted to establishing the titular conqueror or his beloved Joséphine, not to mention the many battles and political maneuvering that defined his career. We get snippets of almost everything, …

Kevin Smith Jay and Silent Bob
2 days ago no Comment

Kevin Smith’s View Askewniverse isn’t going anywhere. In a recent exclusive interview with, Smith revealed that he’s currently “writing another Jay and Silent Bob movie.” Apparently, this is the result of a lost bet with Jason Mewes, who plays the Jay to Smith’s Silent Bob. The duo last appeared in 2022’s Clerks III, while …

Blade video game
2 days ago no Comment

The Daywalker is coming to consoles. At tonight’s Game Awards, Arkane Studios announced that a Blade video game, based on the Marvel Comics character, is being developed by them and Bethesda. Marvel’s Blade will be a single-player game set in Paris, part of which has been quarantined due to a “supernatural emergency,” which presumably involves vampires. Arkane …

2 days ago no Comment

Ryan Reynolds is making a good-natured plea to stop ruining his new movie for everybody. If you’re someone who clicks on trending topics while perusing Twitter, you’ve no doubt seen that there are tons of Deadpool 3 spoilers out there, and some of them are big. Not only are character appearances being revealed, but even some major …

HBO Max trailer, House of the Dragon
3 days ago 2 Comments

2023 is coming to a close, and Hollywood is trying to get people excited for next year. To that end, HBO has released a trailer for its upcoming 2024 shows, showcasing some new hopefuls and returning favorites. It’s essentially a sizzle reel, which you can check out below: The returning shows don’t mean much to …

Drew Goddard Spider-Man
4 days ago no Comment

A new director may be giving Spidey his web shooters. While a fourth MCU Spider-Man movie hasn’t been announced yet (and we’re supposed to pretend that Tom Holland may not come back), given the success of No Way Home (and little else), it’s a no-brainer that Marvel wants another one. Jon Watts, who directed the Home trilogy, was supposed …

Kelsey Grammer Trump
5 days ago no Comment

Frasier Crane may be listening, but Paramount doesn’t want anyone to hear what he has to say. During an interview with BBC to promote the revival of his classic sitcom Frasier, Kelsey Grammer was asked whether he was still a supporter of President Donald Trump, as he was in 2016 and 2020. Grammer respondeds, “I …

Deadpool 3 Dogpool
5 days ago no Comment

There are a bunch of spoiler pictures from the set of Deadpool 3 floating around social media, but this one is official, non-spoilery, and a lot more wholesome. The makers of (or the marketing department behind) Deadpool 3 created an Instagram account called Dogpool, showing images of the dog who will play the canine companion of Wade …

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