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Disney Stars Praise Monsters While Attacking Rittenhouse

The days following the end of the Kyle Rittenhouse trial have seen pretty much the reaction we all expected. Because everything, even a murder case, has to be political nowadays, the right and left have gone to their corners and taken a side – or, more accurately, continued to champion their side....

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8 Dead, Many Injured at Astroworld Music Festival While Travis Scott Performed

Houston Police say at least eight people were killed and multiple injuries of various severity occurred when attendees of Day 1 of the Astroworld music festival were crushed in a tidal wave of fans late Friday evening when rapper Travis Scott was performing his set. “Eight confirmed fatalities, an...

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Rust Film Armorer Statement Claims Someone Sabotaged the Gun Involved in Shooting

The clearly stable, clearly qualified Hannah Gutierrez-Reed, the armorer for the movie Rust who loaded the gun that Alec Baldwin used to kill cinematographer Halyna Hutchins, is coming up with insane conspiracy theories to obfuscate from her inability to accept responsibility. “Who put those in th...

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Chris Pratt Praises Wife Ahead of Her Birthday, Labeled a Monster By Ugly People

As if on cue, Cancel Culture is giving it the old “college try” to make Chris Pratt’s life miserable. The Pratt family welcomed a brand-new addition to their family in August of 2020. In celebration of his wife’s birthday, Chris Pratt – who was recently announced that he would be the voice...

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Will Smith Contemplated Killing His Father to “Avenge” His Mother

According to an excerpt published in People from his upcoming memoir Me, Will Smith contemplated the idea of “avenging” his mother via killing his father. I suppose that’s the fascinating thought process that would lead to the memorable crying scene in Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Smith reveals th...

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Colin Kaepernick Compares the NFL Draft Combine to Slavery

Colin Kaepernick is either the dumbest or the savviest man in the business; at this point, it must be the latter more than it is the former. No one in their right mind could honestly make a comparison this absurd without knowing the backlash would be so severe. In a clip from the Netflix series &hel...

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