BRIDGE — DEI on Steroids 

DEI has infected everything from films to books, video games, beauty products, and even foods. What is the reasoning for this? Why now? And most of all, how many entities are leading the charge? There are many conspiracies regarding this topic, and whether true or not, these questions should be asked. We will begin here with a company using the acronym “BRIDGE,” founded by CEO Sheryl Daija. The forerunner of bringing this sinister company to light is V-Tuber Kircshe, who has been speaking out about BRIDGE from the start. It formally stood for “Benchmarking Race, Inclusion and Diversity in Global Engagement” back in August of 2023. Now, since March of this year and the launch of the new website, there have been a few changes to it: “Belonging, Representation, Inclusion, Diversity, G for the gap in all these things’ and Equity.”

There is also a section on the website called BRIDGE IMAX, which is described as “the framework that lays the foundation for building inclusive brands and companies.” They also state that businesses must “measure inclusion maturity,” which will, in turn, determine where “gaps exist across the organization.” The website lists three stages for how to achieve this, displayed by a couple of graphs, one being shown below: 

BRIDGE DEIMoney does not matter for them either—they possess infinite funds from Blackrock, Vanguard, and… governments. There are also several well-known companies involved: DISCOVER, Sephora, Unilever, H&R Block, and Campbell’s Soup, to name a few. The idea is to make DEI a part of the bloodstream of society at large, hence why they have the sinister goal of using brands to “reach Gen Z.” What better way to ingrain the poison that is DEI into society than by influencing the youth? It’s as the Karl Menninger quote states: “What’s done to the children is done to society.” Anything consumed in the mainstream is seen by children just as much as adults, and if left to their own devices, these ideals will become what influences them the most. 

BRIDGE DEINow, most will probably be thinking, “What does this have to do with anything pop culture?” Well, sadly enough, this has everything to do with the culture, particularly regarding Sweet Baby Inc. SBI is not a scapegoat or symptom but an arm of the problem. It’s like one of the many heads of the Hydra, so to speak; even if one disappears, another will take its place. Companies like Greywood/Eastmore are encroaching on gaming, as well as Pixelles, an SBI-adjacent company. BRIDGE is the head of this, and according to their website, is “a combination of D, E, and I leaders, business leaders and other C suite leaders in organizations who are driving the change agenda internally.” For BRIDGE, inclusion is not just a philosophy but a huge part of their business practice: expanding DEI beyond HR departments. The goal is to spread DEI like a pathogen so it infects every business practice regardless of the field. That means not just major corporations pushing this (more so than they already are) but grocery stores, department stores, publishing, gaming studios, cosmetics—the list goes on. 

“Genuine inclusivity recognizes the moral imperative and business benefits of DE&I. Studies consistently show that diverse companies  are more innovative and profitable. 

Companies must prioritize inclusivity at every level and empower diverse voices to thrive. In addition to mentorship, this means encouraging  managers to recognize the value of diverse perspectives, lived  experience, atypical career paths and varied educational backgrounds.  This is where DE&I consultants and firms are invaluable.”

According to this Ad Age article, the top 50 mainstream brands are “twenty-three years behind on representation.” It sounds like something straight out of an Orwell novel the deeper one goes into this topic, discovering what abhorrent plans these corporate overlords wish to implement, and this is only scratching the surface. While we see some of these companies supposedly “go down,” in truth, once what they’re doing is discovered, they merely change their employees’ positions with no firings. Everything in media has become an incestuous relationship between journalists, producers, publishers, and game developers, which all lead to BRIDGE. 

This is not meant to make anyone feel at a loss about what to do, nor belittle any progress made, big or small, but we must all be aware so as not to become complacent again. The more these sinister plots are brought to light, and the more voices we have speaking out against it all, the better chance we have to fight against it.


Thanks to Hayden75 for bringing this topic to our attention and for helping me understand the intricacies of BRIDGE. Thanks as well to Kirsche for her painstaking work in researching BRIDGE.

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April 23, 2024 at 3:59 am

Industry-funded racists and sexists disguising themselves as “inclusive”, what a sick time we live in.

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