Steph Curry Big Night

Steph Curry Is Still Magical, Drops 49 Points In Warriors Win

You may hate the way he chews his mouthpiece, you ...

Video Game Reviews
Cyberpunk 2077

REVIEW: Cyberpunk 2077 (2020)

The most anticipated game in recent memory has finally launched, and, sadly, it was a rough launch indeed. I’m not goi...

Nichelle Wright, Captain America

Newest Marvel Hero Ready to “Take Ownership” of Her Space as Captain America

The latest Marvel hero to adopt the mantle of Captain America is none other than Nichelle Wright. Newest Captain America...

Latest Movies

THR Superman, Superman, Henry Cavill

THR Article Proves Warner Bros. and DC are “Tone Deaf”

The latest Hollywood Reporter article poses the issue of who will be the new black Superman and its director of color. ...

Marvel Phase 4, The Eternals, Angelina Jolie

Marvel Studios Trailer Reveals Final Phase 4 Movies

Out of nowhere, Marvel Studios released a trailer for their final phase 4 movies, set to continue the Marvel Cinematic ...

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