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46 minutes ago

Samuel Ortiz

S1E1/E2 - let's go. ... See MoreSee Less

S1E1/E2 - lets go.


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1 and a half?

It's good. I'm on four. The discussion if you wanna talk spoilers.

I think he meant 1 & 2.

Mike Coulter oozes swag, i love him

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10 hours ago

Wes Blank

Official Discussion Thread for Marvel's Defenders.

****Spoilers in comment's ****
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Official Discussion Thread for Marvels Defenders.****Spoilers in comments ****


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I'm watching 4 episode before work! Screw sleep Jason Steele

I know I plan on at least the first 2 episodes tonight.

Bump. 1 and half hours left.

Fighting so hard to stay up for at least the first episode. 51 minutes to go.

Close so close.

Wes Blank lend me some of those late night staying up super powers lol

I just wanna see the intro. I bet it's gonna be fire. 🔥🔥🔥🔥

I've stayed up for all the Marvel Netflix series for at least the first episode. I gotta make it.

I bengied jj, dd 1 & 2 and iron fist. Luke cage bored me. Still need to go re-watch and finish it. Sadly. I'll only get 2 or 3 episodes tonight. And have to finish tomorrow night

25 minutes! Gonna watch a couple before I go to sleep.

15 minutes!

I may have to go get a snack lmao

Hot wings and Dr. Pepper acquired. It's go time!

It's Here!!!!!

Gonna go smoke a cigarette first but it's here!!!!!!

OMG the intro is awesome!!!!

20 Minutes in and theres already a sex montage lol

First episode in the books. I enjoyed it. Glad they are slow playing instead of throwing them all together in the first episode.

Misty Knight ❤

Great first episode. Love how each of their segments feels like their individual shows, and emphasises the characters. Sigourney Weaver looks like she's gonna be amazing, as if that needs saying. And minimal screentime for Captain Hackysack.

The Defenders going back and forth on Twitter is hilarious.

OMG that fight in episode 2. Holy shit!!! Being vague to not spoil for other's.

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49 minutes ago

Jerald Jermaine Morrison

Who remembers Nintendo having a cereal I know I did

Zelda Universe
Still wish I could have enjoyed this cereal.
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Zelda Universe


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Ive never heard of Nintendo cereal!! I'm amazed! They should bring this back!! I would eat Nintendo cereal every morning!!

2 hours ago

Ty W. Rothermal

#GameOfThrones ... See MoreSee Less



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Gonna watch The Defenders now because... Holy fuck.

yeah, i know that was one of those episodes that made me question why i was watching this show!! but i had to continue and see what happened afterwards, i was too invested!!

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