Kabrutus Launches DEI Detected Website

Kabrutus has expanded his focus from Sweet Baby Inc.; now, he’s taking on the whole DEI consulting industry. The creator of the Sweet Baby Inc. Detected Steam curator just launched a website called DEI Detected, where he and his team will list all the video games that have been influenced by woke consulting firms. Kabrutus announced the website’s launch today in an X post where he revealed that the site’s first act was to add Pokémon GO to the DEI list following the update that eliminated gender identification for character selection.

I took a look at DEI Detected, and while it’s still building (there are a lot of games out there), the idea behind it is sound. The home page has the most recent games added to the site, a tally of how many DEI games different publishers have (so far), and some links to videos on Kabrutus’ YouTube page. The tab labeled DEI detected at the top leads to a list of games that had DEI consulting, and clicking on them shows evidence of that, sometimes via links, sometimes with an article explaining what the influence looks like in the game – for instance, the page for Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes talks about the awful localization given to that game. Amusingly, there’s a section on each game’s page titled “Where to buy,” and underneath, it says, “We do not share links to DEI infested games;” that gave me a good laugh. There is another tab for games that are free of DEI influence, which is empty at the moment, but I like that Kabrutus will be highlighting these games as well.

On the About Us page, Kabrutus explains how and why he made the website, what it will look like as it expands, and what he hopes visitors will get out of it. As with Sweet Baby Inc. Detected, he’s trying to protect the hobby he loves from being hijacked by people who want to ruin it, and he’s doing that by telling gamers which games have DEI consulting attached to them. It’s all about keeping the customer informed, which you wouldn’t think would be controversial. He also explains that he started his own website in order to “have total control over the content without having to rely on a platform,” as he does with his Steam curator (which, he also just announced, will be expanding to include more than just Sweet Baby Inc.-influenced games, like the website). That’s smart, especially with the consulting firms and games journalists trying to get him canceled (and, when it doesn’t work, accusing him and his subscribers of harassment). It’s unfortunate, but you have to protect yourself when the rug can pulled out from under you at any moment, and having your own website is a good way to do that. It’s impressive what Kabrutus has accomplished in just a few months.

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April 24, 2024 at 5:44 am


April 25, 2024 at 7:23 am

I hope Kingdom come deliverance 2 will never land on this list, but there was some worrisome news.

Hopefully Warhorse Studios did not bend the knee to get ESG money, and this was just bad wording.

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