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Disney Still Thinks the Audience is the Problem

Time and again, Hollywood sends the message that it refuses to learn from its mistakes. Sonny Bunch, the culture editor at The Bulwark, posted a screenshot of something Matt Belloni of Puck shared in his newsletter. It’s a direct message Belloni received from “a Disney executive” talking about...

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Gina Carano’s Protesters Both Meet and Subvert Expectations

As promised, the outraged trans community (and/or their “allies”) came out to protest Gina Carano’s appearance at the Vancouver Fan Expo today, and the results were… pretty much what you’d expect. Drunk 3PO was on hand to film their attempts to stick it to the man – or woman, not that I...

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Protest Planned for Gina Carano’s Vancouver Fan Expo Appearance

If you thought the triggered whack jobs who panicked when Gina Carano was announced as a guest at the Vancouver Fan Expo were going to take her second appearance at the con lying down, you’ve got another thing coming. The modern witch burners are organizing a protest tomorrow, February 19, in fron...

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X-Men ’97 Trailer Baits, Reveal About Morph Switches

I’m not sure I’ve ever seen excitement for an upcoming show fade this quickly. Today, Disney and Marvel released a trailer for X-Men ‘97, the revival of the outstanding X-Men animated series from the ‘90s. One of Marvel’s – and certainly Disney+’s – most anticipated projects, X-Men ...

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Tomb Raider I-III Remastered Comes with Racism Disclaimer

If you liked the old Tomb Raider games, you should be ashamed of yourself. That’s what Crystal Dynamics thinks, anyway. The video game developer, which now produces the series, is about to release Tomb Raider I-III Remastered; those games were made before Crystal Dynamics was given the Tomb Raide...

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Disneyland Posts Wheel of Power/Privilege for Employees

Disney is fighting privilege in America, one food court worker at a time. The Daily Wire published an exclusive the other day (which I found through Bleeding Fool) in which an anonymous Disneyland employee sent them an image of a poster Disney called the “Wheel of Power/Privilege.” This poster ...

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