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Disney World Guest Claims Evil Queen was Played By a Biological Man

If the female Silver Surfer didn’t convince you that Bob Iger doesn’t intend to stop Disney’s pushing of identity politics, this might do it. That Park Place has heard from someone who told them that Disney World has a man playing the Evil Queen from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. The accoun...

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Disney Parks Will Crack Down on Disability Scammers

Disney does not appreciate being scammed. The New York Post reports that Disney’s American theme parks, Disney World and Disneyland, are updating their rules to make it harder for guests to take unfair advantage of their Disability Access Service program, or DAS. DAS allows qualifying parkgoers ...

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RUMOR: Details on Disney World’s Magic Kingdom Expansion “Beyond Big Thunder Mountain”

Some details about Disney World’s planned expansion of The Magic Kingdom may have just leaked. Mickey Views has heard from its “trusted sources” that the project, which is being called Beyond Big Thunder Mountain, is going to remove Frontier Land from the park and replace it with three other ...

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Disney Takes Steps for Magic Kingdom Expansion Beyond Big Thunder Mountain

The theme park wars may be starting, and it has the same energy as when Commissioner Gordon told Batman about escalation before handing him the Joker card. Universal Studios, which is now called Universal Orlando but is still really Universal Studios, is working on its Epic Universe, a massive expan...

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Universal Orlando Teases How to Train Your Dragon – Isle of Berk

Universal’s Epic Universe is calling in the dragons. In a video released last week, Universal Orlando showed off one of its “worlds,” this one based on How to Train Your Dragon. Called How to Train Your Dragon – Isle of Berk, this world will have rides, games, and attractions, with certain ...

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Splash Mountain Replacement Tiana’s Bayou Adventure Releases Artwork

Did you know Disneyland and Disney World got rid of Splash Mountain? It’s hard to believe; the ride is a Disney staple, something even people who’ve never been to either of the parks know of. But modern Disney hates its past, so of course, one of their most beloved attractions is no more.  (The...

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