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REVIEW: Blonde (2022)

Netflix’s Blonde has been the center of controversy ever since the announcement that this Marilyn Monroe biopic would be rated NC-17. Now, the film is here, and the truth behind the speculation is revealed. Many early reviews from mainstream and access media sites have rated Blonde low, criticizin...

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REVIEW: Pearl (2022)

Following Ti West’s lackluster horror film X, the announcement of a rapidly-released sequel seemed a poor idea destined to fail. The recent release of Pearl proved that to be utterly and entirely false. Pearl may be one of the best horror films in many years, focusing on character study an...

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REVIEW: Post Malone: Runaway (2022)

The other night, I watched Freevee’s documentary Post Malone: Runaway. It was released on August 12th of this year, but it follows Malone’s 2019 “Runaway” tour. This isn’t usually the type of thing I would watch, let alone write about. For years, I wrote Malone off for ...

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REVIEW: Clerks III (2022)

Clerks III is probably Kevin Smith’s most introspective movie. This isn’t the first time he’s looked inward through his films; his early works were about him growing in his attitude towards relationships, Dogma was born of his struggles with his faith, and the recent Jay and Silent Bob Reboot ...

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REVIEW: DC League of Super-Pets (2022)

DC League of Super-Pets has been a surprise to me from the start. When the first trailer came out, I liked the zany animation and characterizations, but mostly, I was surprised to see something so family-oriented from DC. I tend to think of them as sending their kiddie and family fare to TV or HBO &...

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REVIEW: Prey (2022)

Prey, the newest addition to the Predator franchise, has finally been released, following several horrific trailers and insurmountable fan backlash. Nothing in this dragging slog of inconsistency and nonsensical storytelling is even remotely related to a good story with narrative or logical consiste...

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