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REVIEW: Last Night in Soho (2021)

With the recent physical release of Edgar Wright’s ground-breaking psychological thriller, Last Night in Soho, a retrospective is in order for this stunning and visually engaging story that brings 1960s Soho back to life. Despite the impressive skill displayed in the film’s production and high r...

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REVIEW: Scream (2022)

BEWARE THIS REVIEW CONTAINS SPOILERS! Normally when I write these reviews, I start off with a nice intro with some background, but this time, I’m just going to jump into it because I am beyond disappointed. Scream 5 was high on my watchlist this year. I have literally one video on my YouTube chann...

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REVIEW: West Side Story (2021)

I wasn’t planning on seeing West Side Story. I’ve never seen the 1961 original all the way through, and the subject of racial tensions in 20th century America is well-worn at this point. It takes a lot to make a story like this interesting to me these days, and usually, they don’t...

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REVIEW: The Matrix Resurrections (2021)

For a movie that has no business existing, The Matrix Resurrections draws a lot of attention to how it has no business existing. More a meta-commentary on the franchise, its own ineptness, and the entertainment industry in general than an actual narrative, The Matrix Resurrections borders on unwatch...

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REVIEW: Spider-Man: No Way Home (2021)

Spider-Man: No Way Home had me worried from the start. I’d enjoyed Spidey’s previous MCU films very much, and while I haven’t cared for some of the changes made to his lore, I had faith that it was leading somewhere and decided to go with it. Then, they announced that the third movie would inv...

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REVIEW: tick, tick…BOOM! (2021)

Based on the stage play of the same name, tick, tick…BOOM! tells the story of Jonathan Larson’s quest to create a successful musical. The Netflix movie musical is directed by Lin-Manuel Miranda and came out on November 19th. The source material started as an off-Broadway one-man show, with L...

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