Atlas Trailer Dares You to Believe It’s Real

If Rebel Moon didn’t leave you sated, Netflix has another lousy-looking sci-fi movie on the horizon. Today, the streamer released a trailer for Atlas, a futuristic action film about a rogue artificial intelligence program that wants to destroy the world and the data analyst who has to team up with a friendly AI to stop it. Atlas stars Jennifer Lopez, Simu Liu, Mark Strong, Sterling K. Brown, and Gregory James Cohan as the voice of Smith. Directed by Brad Peyton, Atlas will arrive on Netflix on May 24, 2024. You can see the trailer below:

Has Netflix ever turned down a movie? I ask myself this almost every time I watch a new release of theirs, and the Atlas trailer has me asking it before I even watch the movie. (Sorry, that gives the impression I’m going to watch Atlas, which is misleading.) The special effects are great, but this movie looks terrible, like a lesser version of Virtuosity, only instead of Denzel Washington facing Russell Crowe, it’s Jennifer Lopez pitted against Shang-Chi. Some of Lopez’s line readings are just atrocious, like the breathy “You need me on that mission!” But it was probably an easy payday for her, as it looks like she spends almost the entire movie sitting in a mech suit. And the attempts at humor are even worse; I’m not even sure what the joke is in the AI telling her she’s wrong about him being a computer program because his name is Smith. The Atlas trailer is getting a lot of attention on social media, but unless it’s people making fun of it, I’m not sure why. This looks like the epitome of straight-to-streaming garbage, something that’ll be forgotten moments after it’s released, and that the bulk of its director’s previous films are some of the Rock’s lesser starring vehicles doesn’t do much to bolster confidence. But at least the trailer helpfully tells us what the whole story will be, so we don’t have to bother watching it. It’s a shame about the special effects, though; why can’t a lot of theatrical movies look that good?

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April 24, 2024 at 3:22 pm

This looks really dumb. It makes no sense for an AI to have a personality or a sense of self. It is a tool and should work efficiently or it needs reprogramming. It’s a good thing that General AI is science fiction so we won’t have to worry about it anyway.

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