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REVIEW: Beverly Hills Cop: Axel F (2024)

The return of a long-dormant franchise is more of a threat than an enticement nowadays. Very few revivals get it right, with most either relying too much on nostalgia or turning into a meta-commentary on – which usually means an indictment of – the original movies; occasionally, you get a Disney...

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Cobra Kai Season 6: Part 1 Trailer Begins the End

Brush up on your crane kick and leg sweep because Daniel La Russo and Johnny Lawrence are almost back. Today, Netflix released a new trailer for Cobra Kai Season 6: Part 1. The final season of the Karate Kid revival series will be split into three parts, each with five episodes; part 1 will arrive ...

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TRAILER: Arcane Season 2 (2024)

Today, Netflix dropped the first full trailer for Arcane season 2. This follows a couple of short teasers and news that GKids will release season 1 for purchase. The trailer also informs us that this will be the final season, but that doesn’t mean League of Legends is done with Netflix. Check it o...

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GKids to Distribute Arcane Season 1 on Home Video

Today, GKids announced via Twitter that they have procured distribution rights to Arcane season 1. GKids is known for bringing anime and other hard-to-find animation to theaters and home video. Last year, they shepherded Hayao Miyazaki’s The Boy and the Heron to American cinemas. Arcane is an alre...

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REVIEW: Hit Man (2024)

“A professor moonlighting as a hit man of sorts for his city police department, descends into dangerous, dubious territory when he finds himself attracted to a woman who enlists his services.” –imdb.com Hit Man is a highly enjoyable and somewhat charming movie. Richard Linklater delivers a...

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Hamish Linklater Cast in Gen V Season 2

Variety reports that Hamish Linklater has been cast as Cipher, Godolkin University’s new Dean, in season 2 of Gen V. Linklater has appeared in Manhunt as Abraham Lincoln as well as starring as Father Paul in the Netflix horror series Midnight Mass. Cipher is “charismatic and charming” and i...

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