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Netflix Ratings Revealed

Those wishing to know what content really rules Netflix were rewarded for their patience today. At the Code Conference – an annual tech networking event that I had to look up – Ted Sarandos, co-CEO of Netflix, released some of the streaming service’s secretive ratings. The two slides Sarandos ...

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Stranger Things Releases First Look At Season 4’s Creel House

Saturday, September 25th, at their Tudum event, Netflix debuted a new Stranger Things clip for season 4. The clip shows some history of the Creel House, a new location the season will feature. We are then brought back to the show’s present in the 80s, where some of the main characters are in the h...

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Extraction 2 Teaser Kills You With a Gardening Tool

Bad guys better get their bones reinforced with steel because Netflix has released an Extraction 2 teaser. While it reveals nothing about the plot, as it consists solely of footage from the first movie, the Extraction 2 teaser does assure us of one thing: this is no prequel. The quotes from the prev...

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Netflix Purchases the Roald Dahl Estate, Setting Up Series, Movies, Live Action Adaptations and More!

Netflix has officially announced their acquisition of the estate of Roald Dahl, including the Roald Dahl Story Company, meaning that the streaming juggernaut will have license over all the legendary author’s works across all mainstream entertainment platforms. So if you’ve been jonesing for a BF...

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Netflix Releases Full You Season 3 Trailer

With a month left to go until its third season premiere, fans of Netflix’s hit series You have been clamoring for a full trailer for the season. Netflix dropped an ominous date announcement teaser about three weeks ago, and fans have been hungry for more. Well, today, Netflix delivered a BOMBS...

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Beverly Hills Cop 4, Remakes Among Movies to Film in California

Some long-rumored movies are headed our way courtesy of a political payoff. The Hollywood Reporter reveals that, thanks to California’s Film and TV tax credits – a thank-you to limousine liberals from the politicians they helped elect, no matter how much they try to couch it in generating “bel...

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