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New Blood Origin Trailer Gets Ratioed Again

While fans of The Witcher have made their disinterest in the franchise going forward clear after Henry Cavill’s departure, Netflix is still proceeding full steam ahead, preparing for the release of their next spin-off, The Witcher: Blood Origin. Once again, this trailer offers very little for the ...

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That 90s Show Trailer, Pics, and Info

Eric Forman’s basement is occupied once again, as information about the Netflix-produced follow-up to That 70’s Show, called That 90s Show, has surfaced. First up is the trailer: That didn’t do it for me. I liked a couple of things – the Vista Cruiser starting up, Red and Kitty – but the r...

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Netflix’s The Witcher is Getting Another Spin-off

With the recent departure of Henry Cavill from the role of Geralt, Netflix’s Witcher universe is in a more precarious position than ever, with every press announcement involving Netflix’s Witcher universe being met with staunch opposition. The recent trailer for The Witcher: Blood Origin has bee...

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THEORY: Netflix Will Use Jaskier to Mock Witcher Book Canon in Blood Origin

The closer The Witcher: Blood Origin gets to its release date, the more red flags appear, creating uncomfortable parallels betwixt it and Amazon’s The Rings of Power. Every piece of information released about this prequel series contains major canon contradictions. From the date of the Conjunction...

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REVIEW: Wendell & Wild (2022)

One of my favorite soap boxes is Netflix’s perpetual inability or unwillingness to market its new content. The only Netflix projects I see ads for are big hits or franchise material like Bridgerton, The Witcher, and Stranger Things. More than once, I’ve only found out about a film or ...

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The Witcher: Blood Origin Teaser Offers Nothing

Netflix’s prequel to their bastardization of The Witcher, The Witcher: Blood Origin, has released another teaser trailer with just over a month left until its premiere. The fact that not even a full trailer is out yet implies studio concern with the product; the longer trailers and promos are ...

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