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Does Star Wars Need Saving
2 weeks ago 7 Comments

You know, we’ve all heard a lot about toxic fandom in the past few years. Broadly, this debate (if it can even be called that) stems from the Disney Star Wars movies and whether or not you like them. Everything has been argued back and forth, from the quality of the films to the likelihood …

City of Angels Sing, Sing, Sing
2 weeks ago no Comment

*SPOILERS* “Sing, Sing, Sing” opens on Tiago and Lewis discussing who could have shot at them; Lewis thinks it’s Nazis. Councilman Townsend is beside himself, convinced that the voters hate him. Alex encourages him to contact his father, insisting that it’s not over. Dr. Craft tells Elsa that he regrets rushing things and sending Tom …

Ian Holm
2 weeks ago 7 Comments

This morning news broke that Sir Ian Holm has passed away. Variety reports that he died in the hospital from complications related to Parkinson’s disease. Although he may be most known as Bilbo Baggins in the Lord of the Rings films and The Hobbit’s framing device, he had a long and varied career on both …

City of Angels, Hide and Seek
2 weeks ago 2 Comments

*SPOILERS* “Hide and Seek” finds Tom burying his dead hamster. He tells Maria that Frank killed the hamster, and she believes him, but insists that he keep it to himself for now. She gives him a coyote charm to protect him. Councilwoman Beck tells Townsend that she knows about his orientation and that the liberals …

artemis fowl movie
3 weeks ago 12 Comments

The adaptation of Eoin Colfer’s best-selling young adult fantasy Artemis Fowl is one Disney project that hasn’t inspired much fanfare. From the film’s announcement to its first trailer to its silent release on Disney+ yesterday, the lack of excitement around the movie from both fans and creatives seemed telling. I personally didn’t read any of the …

City of Angels Maria and the Beast
4 weeks ago no Comment

*SPOILERS* In “Maria and the Beast,” Tiago’s mother Maria sees Magda in the street when she rides the bus. Molly says she’ll take Tiago as he is, and they again hook up. Michener photographs Brian talking to the Nazis. Dr. Craft tells the boys about their mother going to the hospital and welcomes Elsa and …

Atlantis sequel interview
4 weeks ago 1 Comment

This Friday, Collider conducted an exclusive interview with Kirk Wise, who teamed with Gary Trousdale to direct Beauty and the Beast, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, and Atlantis: The Lost Empire for Disney. This particular interview focuses on an Atlantis sequel, which was heavily planned but canceled when the film underperformed, and which was unrelated …

City of Angels Brothers
1 month ago no Comment

*SPOILERS* “How it is With Brothers” opens with Michener comforting Tiago over the loss of the third murderer, not knowing him to be Tiago’s brother. The Chief gives them the first shot at questioning the man they brought in. While Michener goes to get a drink, the boy calls Tiago on his lie about not …

Ezra Bridger, Disney+
1 month ago no Comment

Illuminerdi reports that the casting search for Star Wars: Rebels star Ezra Bridger has started to gain traction. It was previously rumored that Ezra would be appearing in The Mandalorian. However, it seems that the character may lead his own show. Additionally, he may become the new face of the franchise going forward. Brett: Virginia, …

Candace Against the Universe
1 month ago no Comment

In a Thursday morning interview with Entertainment Weekly, Phineas and Ferb creators Dan Povenmire and Jeff “Swampy” Marsh provided new details regarding the upcoming spin-off movie Candace Against the Universe. Among new artwork and musings on the movie’s creation, the two discuss how the film is being made by individual artists at home, thanks to a “speed bump” …

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