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Sony Changes an Image in Stellar Blade Amid Controversy

Games journalists have found a new way to attack Stellar Blade. Their outrage over the lead character, Eve, being a curvaceous woman didn’t hurt the game’s sales – it actually may have helped them – but this time, they got Sony to relent. At one point in the game, Eve comes across some graff...

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Atlas Trailer Dares You to Believe It’s Real

If Rebel Moon didn’t leave you sated, Netflix has another lousy-looking sci-fi movie on the horizon. Today, the streamer released a trailer for Atlas, a futuristic action film about a rogue artificial intelligence program that wants to destroy the world and the data analyst who has to team up wit...

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Disney World Guest Claims Evil Queen was Played By a Biological Man

If the female Silver Surfer didn’t convince you that Bob Iger doesn’t intend to stop Disney’s pushing of identity politics, this might do it. That Park Place has heard from someone who told them that Disney World has a man playing the Evil Queen from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. The accoun...

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Thandiwe Newton Joins Wednesday Season 2

A Variety exclusive reveals that Thandiwe Newton has signed on to appear in Wednesday season 2. Wednesday was a smash hit for Netflix in 2022, eclipsing season 4 of Stranger Things to garner “the most hours viewed in a week” for an English-language series. Wednesday follows the eponymous Adda...

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Outgoing Games Workshop CFO Sells Two-Thirds of Company Stock

The uproar over Warhammer 40K retconning women into the Custodes is more serious than you may have thought. The Park Place reports that the chief financial officer for Games Workshop, Rachel Tongue, has “sold two-thirds of her stake in the company worth approximately $865,000.” That’s a lot o...

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Kabrutus Launches DEI Detected Website

Kabrutus has expanded his focus from Sweet Baby Inc.; now, he’s taking on the whole DEI consulting industry. The creator of the Sweet Baby Inc. Detected Steam curator just launched a website called DEI Detected, where he and his team will list all the video games that have been influenced by woke ...

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